Persephone: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

By: Plug In Digital / Momo-pi

Persephone is a unique puzzler by Momo-pi that lets you kill yourself off and then use your corpse as a puzzle piece. It starts off fairly straightforward, but can be tricky as new mechanics are added. So I made this guide to help out. I’ll be adding videos for each area soon, but for now enjoy these tips and tricks.

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Tips & Tricks:

– You can have up to three corpses on the board at a time. When you create the fourth, the first one will disappear.

– You can die on spikes or push your dead body onto spikes and then step over your body that’s impaled on the spikes.

– You can let yourself get killed while standing on a switch/button to activate it or push your dead body onto the switch.

– Regular dead bodies don’t block lasers. Boxes do, but only temporarily, as they get destroyed after a few hits.

– In the third world, you’ll encounter stone orbs. If you touch one, your shirt will change. Then, when you die, your corpse will turn to stone. It can then block lasers and even act as a stepping stone in water!

– Fire orbs change your shirt so that when you die, you explode into flames, lighting any gunpowder you’re touching. You can use it to destroy boxes and clear paths.

– Ghost orbs change your shirt so that when you die, you turn into a ghost that mimics your moves. You can then use the ghost to push boxes around, stand on switches, etc.

– Each world has one hidden area that you can access through one of the regular areas. Look for the floating cube near a passageway to find it. Once there, you need to destroy all the plant tentacles. Then the floating square will light up. If you do this for all the secret levels and then complete the final tentacle level, you’ll get a different ending.


World 1:

World 2:

World 3:

World 4:

Coming soon!

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  1. Steven

    in the latest version of the game (which is am playing) the last level in world 3 is slightly different and the solution in your youtube video does not work. I am stumped.

    The specific change is an added ice block adjacent to the save point near the double spike pit.

    1. Rosemary G. Mackay

      Ask the developer they sent me video

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