Cosmic Top Secret Game: Walkthrough Guide

Cosmic Top Secret Game
By: Klassefilm

Cosmic Top Secret is a unique game where you unlock little bits of info, video clips, and other secrets about T’s parents’ work for the Danish Intelligence during the Cold War. Most of the game involves moving her around to collect items, but there are also some puzzles to solve using the info you find. In this walkthrough guide, I’m going to show you how to solve those puzzles. I’m also including video of my playthrough. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Level 0:

9-digit phone number: Just take the numbers from B3, A1, D3, C1, B1, B4, E4, and E2. The last one is 8, due to the pink 8 on the ball. So it’s 313114428.

Level 1:

For this phone number, you do the same for the first seven numbers. But for the last two, you need to get one off the building and translate it to TREE, which is 3 on that list.

The other one is from the radio. It’s 7.

So you then get 134113437 as the phone number.

Then you need to put yourself through the shredder and slide each piece under the gate.

Level 2:

Find all the pieces and then use the first clue with the headphones to find out that the first number is 6.

Count the number of people shooting guns to get the other missing number. It’s 3!

And last, count the number of people in the photo. Trine is there but not seen, so together that makes 3.

Put it all together to get the phone number: 612232323

Level 3: Coming soon!


Level 1:

Level 2:

More coming soon!

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