The Butterfly’s Dream: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 2:

You can watch my video for Chapter 2 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Go back out to the front yard and then the courtyard.

2. The main house doesn’t have much, and we can’t solve the music gallery puzzles yet. So head all the way left and enter the garden.

3. Head right until you see the two Googoos from before, Tiny and Jumbo. They ask you to help them fix Mei’s qin.

4. Examine the qin. You need to tune it and then play it from top to bottom chord. Just copy the layout in my screenshot below and then play the strings.

5. Now Jumbo Googoo plays Mei’s favorite tune for you, but only the first line.

6. Head back and into the music gallery. You need to use the bells play the tune Jumbo Googoo played for you. It goes: Do Re Mi Re Mi La Sol. In other words: Yellow, White, Green, White, Green, Black, Red.

7. Go right to the small box and press the buttons in that order: Yellow, White, Green, White, Green, Black, Red.

8. There’s sheet music inside the box.

9. If you go to the main house, you can see the two Googoos sitting there. Go back to the garden and play the song on the qin like so:

10. Mei will appear and tell you she wants to help you get your memories back.

11. Go back to the front yard and then outside the yard. Talk to the two Googoos and they tell you to cross the bridge.

12. Go right to the bridge and cross it to the village south. Mei’s here playing a flute. Talk to her and then go right and find village north and then riverside.

13. Talk to Mei here. She asks Chuan the boatman to give you a ride across the river but he wants some peach cakes first.

14. Head back to the the village north. Head all the way left until you see Mei with her grandparents. They want you to find their grandson, who’s flying a kite.

15. Head back to village south and go left to see a boy trying to reach his kite that’s stuck in a tree. Shake your device until the kite falls out of the tree. Then he’ll head back home.

16. Go back to Riverside. Mei will be there, giving the peach cakes to Chuan. He’s about ready to give you a ride and then remembers there are holes in his boat! So Mei says she’ll get the carpenter to help.

17. Head all the way left and fix the carpenter’s wheel by moving the sliders so the red lines line up, like so:

18. The carpenter wants you to take his artwork to the girl named Hua. Head to village north. Mei is standing off to the right, but Hua isn’t home. She says to ask Ar Niu.

19. Ar Niu is at village south. Go all the way right and then into the flower field. This puzzle is a bit weird. You need to touch the correct holes on the flute to get them to change to a certain color and then blow into your mic to make the flowers of that color bloom. The second and third puzzles are trickier because more than one flower blooms at a time.

20. After that, Ar Niu will head off and Hua will be where she’s supposed to be. So head back to village north and look for her near Mei. Hua needs help deciding between Fa the Carpenter and Ar Niu the gardener, after Fa gave her a wooden duck and Ar Niu have her flowers. So now we have to help me make the life-and-death decision.

21. Both Fa and Ar Niu have flowers that Hua gave them. What a player! Anyway, you need to decide who she’ll be with. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I dragged the flowers to Fa and then he asked Hua to move to the city with him. After that, Ar Niu wasn’t in the running anymore. But the boat is fixed!

22. Go back to the boat and get on. It just needs some finishing touches. Complete all three tangram puzzles and then climb in the boat to complete the chapter!

And that’s all there is for now! Check back later when more content is added.

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G Jackson

Drive the butterfly toward the chest, it will land on it and then you can enter the pattern from the secret chamber

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