Teen Titans GO Figure – Teeny Titans 2: RiddlerΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s Riddle Me This Walkthrough Guide

Teen Titans GO Figure! (Teeny Titans 2)
By: Cartoon Network

Teeny Titans 2 recently got a new update that added the Hall of Doom, which allows players to play against each other in multiplayer matches. It also adds new missions, and one of those is called Riddle Me This. You get it from the Riddler and have to track down figures or NPCs based on his clues. This guide will help you solve each riddle so you can get the prizes.


Riddle Me This Part 1:

Q: My hair is yellow, I’m not a plane. One of me you must obtain.

A: Buy a Supergirl fig.

Riddle Me This Part 2:

Q: Ner or far, what’s the diff, I’ll get the job done in a jiff!

A: Just visit the taxi guy.

Riddle Me This Part 3:

Q: All natural is my attire, one of me you must acquire.

A: Buy a Swamp Thing fig.

Riddle Me This Part 4:

Q: Once I lived a life sublime, but now I’m sleeping all the time.

A: Head to the graveyard in Gotham City and look for a spot that’s sparkling. Tap on it to complete this part of the mission.

Riddle Me This Part 5:

Q: Truly a monument to the best, I’ll never lose a staring contest.

A: Head to Metropolis and find the statue of Superman. Tap on it and the Riddler will appear and give you a Riddler fig!

Congratulations! You completed the mission!

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  1. Christina Garcia

    The answer to the fourth is the gotham cemetary and the fifth is the Superman Statue in Metropolis

  2. Mojada

    Question: How do I invite people to my Buddy/Friends list in Teeny Titans 2: Go figure? I think you need their code, but I donΓÇÖt know how to see other peoples (mine is 5DLF-FZX0-H52H).

    1. Jordan_alistir

      You can battle me online, I sent you an invite. I’m using the name KingOfAtlantis

      1. Amir

        You still play it?

  3. Rob

    Fun Fact the riddler knew youΓÇÖll use the internet

    1. Maceika

      Lmao yeah. good thing raven said: now now, lets not be a sore loser riddler. raven you nasty xD

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