Lemmings: iOS Walkthrough Guide and Solutions


It’s 2018, so that means big companies like Sony are digging through all their old games to see how they can ruin them for mobile. The latest result of this is that we finally got an official Lemmings game on iOS and Android, but it’s a F2P disaster. There’s really not much to love here, but I’m trying to give it a chance. So I’m making walkthrough videos until I get bored and give up. Enjoy!

Tips & Tricks:

– There doesn’t appear to be any optimal solution to each level, so you have a lot of flexibility. But due to the energy restrictions, you want to try and plan things out so you don’t waste much energy.

– Keep in mind that Lemmings go splat and die if they fall more than two squares. So if you see they’re going to fall, place an umbrella anywhere between them and the ground.

– Lemmings can fall off stairs while they’re building them, so keep an umbrella handy.

– Keep an eye on portals, because they may be safe going one direction but then the other direction leads them into a buzzsaw.

– There’s no way to pause the game and look at the board before the Lemmings start moving. But there’s also no penalty for restarting the level if you haven’t used any energy on it yet. So I suggest planning things out before doing anything, and if any die because you didn’t start early enough, just restart the level.

– Get creative!


Worlds 1 Flower Field & 2 Mushroom Wild:

World 3 Cubist Part 1:

More coming soon!

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Have you got to w10-18. You start off on the bottom with only one way to dig. Then everything is above you


There now. What the hell?


There too. I feel like the creators are just messingin with us, you can’t even make a lemmings bomb.


How do you get through this level??


How do you dig a ? Block above a trap without sacrificing a Lemming


Build a stair as soon as you dig through the block


And what about if there are unbreakable blocks over it? Seems impossible to me.
Here the example:


You can’t save the Lemming that digs that. But it’s random, sometimes that block is not needed to unlock the exit.


Anyone passed season 6 Toy box. I don’t seem to be able to break the box as when I build up to it the lemmings can’t get home passed the stairs. Help please

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