Lemmings: iOS Walkthrough Guide and Solutions


It’s 2018, so that means big companies like Sony are digging through all their old games to see how they can ruin them for mobile. The latest result of this is that we finally got an official Lemmings game on iOS and Android, but it’s a F2P disaster. There’s really not much to love here, but I’m trying to give it a chance. So I’m making walkthrough videos until I get bored and give up. Enjoy!

Tips & Tricks:

– There doesn’t appear to be any optimal solution to each level, so you have a lot of flexibility. But due to the energy restrictions, you want to try and plan things out so you don’t waste much energy.

– Keep in mind that Lemmings go splat and die if they fall more than two squares. So if you see they’re going to fall, place an umbrella anywhere between them and the ground.

– Lemmings can fall off stairs while they’re building them, so keep an umbrella handy.

– Keep an eye on portals, because they may be safe going one direction but then the other direction leads them into a buzzsaw.

– There’s no way to pause the game and look at the board before the Lemmings start moving. But there’s also no penalty for restarting the level if you haven’t used any energy on it yet. So I suggest planning things out before doing anything, and if any die because you didn’t start early enough, just restart the level.

– Get creative!


Worlds 1 Flower Field & 2 Mushroom Wild:

World 3 Cubist Part 1:

More coming soon!

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  1. Cole

    Have you got to w10-18. You start off on the bottom with only one way to dig. Then everything is above you

    1. Ovi

      There now. What the hell?

      1. Henn

        There too. I feel like the creators are just messingin with us, you can’t even make a lemmings bomb.

    2. Leanne

      How do you get through this level??

  2. Tsan

    How do you dig a ? Block above a trap without sacrificing a Lemming

    1. Asafasd

      Build a stair as soon as you dig through the block

        1. FlyingMeeces

          You can’t save the Lemming that digs that. But it’s random, sometimes that block is not needed to unlock the exit.

  3. Lillian

    Anyone passed season 6 Toy box. I donΓÇÖt seem to be able to break the box as when I build up to it the lemmings canΓÇÖt get home passed the stairs. Help please

  4. Peaches

    take a screenshot at the start of each level before the options pop up for selecting unlimited umbrellas or whatever you have – the game stays paused u til you click continue so you can spend time planning ahead on the screenshot on your phone and then start the level

  5. Miss Michelle Rowley

    I have a glitch where 1 lemming gets stuck between ladder and wall. You can put bomb in ladder and dig on wall but it doesn’t register as the lemming itself is in between those cubes…. so only option is to quit game but it’s so frustrating when level is complete you just cant save or kill off last lemming

    1. Adam Hamilton

      W 12-4 . . . Same here. I’ve a screenshot if there are devs here who want to see the glitch. In the original games there was an option to kill all remaining lemmings on a level. –As the monetized mechanics of this adaptation would make this prohibitively costly in blue go juice– it should be a free option once the minimum number of lemmings necessary to pass the level have already passed through the endgate; ie once the level is won. You would lose a free spin and leaderboard positioning potentially but you would also progress in the game. Maybe this else a once-per-level 1-blue-juice-per-lemming teleport option back to the home gare for all lemmings not through the gate a bit like the resurrection boost but single shot not continuously active.


    I’m on level 19 and the new games just arn’t there. This is the second time this has happened. It happened on level 16 as well.
    I keep informing them but customer service is trash. Anyone else had this yet. If so what did you do. Anyone……help

  7. Sophie Smith

    Hi I keep winning tickets after completing a level but canΓÇÖt find any information on what they are for or even how to see how many I have. I believe they relate to Challenge levels but how do you access these? Maybe IΓÇÖm not far enough into the game for them to appear? Currently at Flume Ride. Or do you reach them by collecting a certain number of lemmings at a world. Any advice / information welcome.

    1. Lillian

      When you pass a game you can then play a challenge level to get more rewards

    2. Kwakster

      Click on the tribes icon, then select a character and click the ticket icon. Tickets max out at 5; any you earn beyond that are lost. The challenge levels are tricky, but don’t use any energy and give pretty good rewards as you beat them.

  8. Annalisa Bassi

    sono al mondo 19 sport land terzo asteroide. ma il livello ╬ô├╢┬úΓö¼ΓöÉ impossibile. qualcuno l’ha superato?

  9. Annalisa Bassi

    sono al mondo 19 sport land, terzo asteroide….ma il livello ╬ô├╢┬úΓö¼ΓöÉ impossibile. devo salvare tutti i lemmings per passare. qualcuno l’ha risolto?
    grazie mille

    1. Geo

      Same here . neanche io non vedo nessuna soluzione…

      1. Jaime

        Is possibile. Text me, will help you to pass de level

        1. Claudia

          Jaime, me ajuda. É aquele nível que apresenta duas colunas nos cantos, duas piscinas, dois grupos em cima e dois embaixo. Quando eles caem onde está a saída, saem todos dos grupos de cima, mas preciso cavar do lado da saída para liberar os que estão embaixo. Não consegui

        2. Kwakster

          I am stuck too. How do I text you? I’m on the asteroid level between worlds 19 and 20 where two entrances are at the bottom, but there isn’t a way to get any of the upper lemmings to a place they can dig down. The only entrance into the center section where “home” is is only one block wide, so lemmings fall right into home and go in. Help!

          1. Pat

            Hi IΓÇÖm also stuck here , is there a way in ?

    2. Jaime

      E possibile. Scrivi me e ti dico

  10. Sharynne

    I canΓÇÖt seem to get past season 10 any hints

  11. Sharynne

    CanΓÇÖt seem to get past season 10 level 7 bubble bath, any hints please

  12. Mona Ansay

    My game is frozen at the spinning wheel of prizes. How can I get past this without having to delete the game and then reloading it. That would mean starting at the beginning again. Help please.

  13. Liam

    I thought the monthly seasons would rotate, but its season #13 now.
    Does that mean the collection will never be 100% full? Seems de-motivating.

  14. nick

    hi im stuck on level  its a bomb for a bath a bath bomb ?
    theres only 1 ? on this level which you need to collect but if you collect it u fall into the larva pit any ideas how to get past this level please

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