Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 10 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with another Adventure Escape game. This time, it’s two games in one. So I’ll be making two separate walkthroughs. This walkthrough guide will help you with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for Chapter 10 of Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown. It’s a fantasy game for more advanced players, where you play as Princess Nimue, who needs to save her kingdom using magic. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 10:

You can watch my video for Chapter 10 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. The king is chained up! We need to free him! Remove the loose floor tiles and grab the crowbar. Use the Grow spell on the roots around the king and then take the orange.

2. You can use the X-Ray Vision spell on the mouse hole to see a mouse in there. But more importantly, use X-Ray Vision on the painting of the king to see a constellation pattern. Then use the crowbar to open the door to the left and go through to the bedroom.

3. Take the piece of cheese from the table. Remove the green napkin over the left bowl and take the lemon seeds. Open the chest at the foot of the bed to find Sylvio’s Official Decree of Royal Service. Notice the symbols around the border. The four moons are what’s important. Notice the bottles of wine have an image of a bull on them. Notice the Great Tree Of Coppice symbol on the red fabric. Also, notice the sword on the wall says “Moon Blade” on it. And last, notice the box of candles has an image of a key on it. You can also life the bedding up to reveal a locked diary, but we can’t open it yet.

4. Tap on the safe and select the numbers on each of the four dials that match the empty spaces on the four moons from the document. You get 1627. Take the star token.

5. Go through the right doorway and place the lemon seeds in the pot. Use the Grow spell on it and then take the lemon.

6. While here, move the hanging lenses to the correct symbols. Use the clues you found in the other room. The bottle of wine is the bull, the red fabric is the tree, the candle is a key, and the last one represents the sword, so place it over the moon. Use the pry bar to open the crate and take the lime.

7. Go back to the bedroom and cut the orange, lemon and lime in half.

8. Go back to the throne room and place the cheese down by the hole. The mouse will take it and leave a tree token in its place. Take it.

9. Go back to the bedroom. Tap on the bed to reveal a diary. Place both tokens in the slots to unlock it. It’s invisible ink? You need a strong acid to reveal the ink. So squeeze the juice from all three citrus fruits onto the page to reveal the ink. Take the diagram.

10. Tap the locked door. Place the diagram over the puzzle. Now we can solve it! You need to move the man to the key and then to the chest without moving him onto or off of a tree. He must be rotated off. This is how to do it:

Rotate Right, Rotate Right, Move Left 3, Move Up 1, Rotate Left to the Key, Rotate Right, Move Down 1, Rotate Right, Move Up 3, Rotate Left, Move Up 2, Rotate Right, Move Down 1, Rotate Right, Rotate Right, Move Right 1, Rotate Left, Move Left 1, Move Down 1, Rotate Right, Rotate Right, Move Up 1, Rotate Right to the Locked Chest.

Now you can open the closet!

11. Take the key from the robe’s pocket. Use it to unlock the chains around the king.

12. Oh no! It’s Vivianne! She cast the curse! And apparently Nimue needs to die! Oh no!

13. Glaudraxa’s missing hatchling hatches from the egg! Use the Speak with Animals spell on her. It doesn’t help! But she does burn down the curtain over the window. Also, use the Grow spell on the vine in the lower left corner to reveal another spell book. We’ll get to it soon.

14. Use the Rust Removal spell on the window to open it. Then use the Freeze Water spell to freeze the rain. You can see stars outside!

15. Tap on the spellbook. It’s a Sleep spell! Let’s unlock it! Remember the constellation hidden in the painting? You can use the X-Ray spell to see it again. Then just draw that pattern, using the star shape seen outside the window. Now you know the Sleep spell!

16. Use the Sleep spell on the dragon. It put everyone to sleep!

17. Now to figure out how to get rid of the immobilization spell. Tap on the constellations on the floor. We need to place constellations down and then make them bigger or smaller to get all the stars touching a constellation. There’s two separate puzzles to solve.

18. Now you have to make a tough decision. Do you save Coppice or Whiteriver? I chose Coppice because it seemed like the right thing to do. Now you get to see what effect the choices you made had on everyone. I don’t know that there’s a good or bad ending, as mine seemed mixed.

And that’s the end of Cursed Crown! See my other Adventure Escape walkthroughs here.

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  1. myname

    Did anyone choose the Whiteriver ending? What happened with that one & the other choices?

  2. Lue

    Tell truth, do not carve name and save Coppice seems lead to a good ending. If you choose to carve name, trees become enemy when they wake up. Choose Whiteriver will ask you to sacrifice one from Nimue, Alderbone and Sylvio.

    1. Rahul

      Whom did you choose and did it lead to a happy ending?

      1. Ariadna

        I chose save Whiteriver, and sacrificed Alderbone. As a result, ents became enemies and left and took the trees. People from Whiteriver moved to the forest and tried to grow trees again, and named that city New Whiteriver

        1. justme

          sacrifice silvio, ending the Frostborn line, Whiteriverian moved to New Whiteriver and every citizen learn magicspell
          told the guard the truth = happy ending
          carved name = bad end
          didnot take the ring = nimue become good queen
          show silvio the letter = doest matter, he got sacrificed

          1. Cler

            I had the good ending with Coppice. Now I want to: Save Whiteriver. Not carve my name. Sacrifice Sylvio (I didn’t like him anyway). Don’t take the ring. BUT don’t tell the guard so nobody runs to Coppice since it will be doomed. What may happen? 😀

            1. Cler

              Ok, got to the end. In this scenario: “Save Whiterun”, the best choices are: Tell the truth to the guard (because if you lie people will refuse to flee to Old Coppice and will die; only a bunch of folks will be saved— I lied but I am not going to play it again because of that). Not carve the name (=druids will be allies). Don’t take the ring (=you are a good queen). Tell Silvio about the letter and sacrifice Silvio (People learn magic. The forest is protected by new mages taught by Nimue. It was Silvio’s idea but nobody knows it. Because you told him about the letter and you tell your people about his crimes, Silvio is ridiculed and his story is sung as a power-thirsty mage.) Coppice’s people are trees. Old Coppice is New Whiteriver.

              1. Rye

                My ending is the same as yours and I hate how black and white it is. I saved coppice in the hope that we can have and agreement for my people in whiteriver to refuge themselves from the miasma. After all, I saved their people and curse-breaking seems like a pretty big deal that you should have some sense to pay it back one way or another. We’re talking about human lives!! It’s like the story forced us to accept bad ending either choice. I hate it.

        2. Danny

          That’s what I did. The ENTs are enemies of coppice and villages will perish. Also I loved to the guard, so many people from white river died. I didn’t do anyone a big favor :’)

    2. Nor

      I sacrified Nimue since no one did it. She becomes a tree and the royal line ends

  3. IdkMyNameHelp

    I chose to save Coppice: bad for Coppice.
    I chose to tell the guard about the miasma: a lot of people had moved from Whiteriver to Coppice.
    I chose to not carve my name: the trees became allies and helped save Coppice from the miasma.
    I chose to leave the ring: didn’t follow mothers bad footsteps.
    I chose to not tell Sylvio: he became famous basically.

    I think I did well

  4. Sam

    I played this again on Android after playing it on iPhone, and took the road not taken.

    For the ‘best’ ending, you should:
    1) Tell the guard the truth – he will evacuate from Whiteriver, along with others, saving them
    2) Do not carve you name in the tree – since they are actually people
    3) Do not take the ring – I got a message about how she stepped down from the throne?
    4) Tell Sylvio about the letter – I did and he seemed to get a good position in the ending… otherwise I got a message that he ran away or something.
    5) Save Coppice?

    1. Justin Carawan

      This seems to be the best possible ending. Showing him the letter makes him a high-ranking official in the courts after he helps with the evacuation.

  5. Parker H

    I actually chose the same choices as you did, that’s pretty cool!╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£├╗Γö£ΓîÉ

  6. Kels

    I followed a similar path to save coppices people and not become like her Mother….
    I am kind of sad it does not show a reunion for the dragon and off spring and to become allies or something tbh.. maybe could have had more of an ending or a T.B.C….

  7. Katy

    If you lied to the guard, no one wants to evacuate.
    If you take the ring, you feel that you might fall to the same temptations as your mother and abdicate the throne.

  8. Soumi

    This book was hella hard. Not only the puzzles were hard, the clues meant absolutely nothing. This was the one book I was really excited before I started reading this

    1. Red

      I was really grateful for this walkthrough. Didn’t buy any clues with stars, because (as you said) they’re usually worthless anyway.

      1. Danny

        Where is my epic ending reuniting the dragon family?!

        It was easy choosing Coppice as I really built no connection to White River while I got 2 cool buds in Coppice. Also, ugh, mothers. Guess I shouldn’t have tooken that ring though.

    2. Alex

      def. i liked the magic mechanic, and some of the puzzles were greatΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼ but others were among the most incoherent i’ve seen in this collection.

    3. Aimee

      I’m sorry…. book?

  9. Red

    Told the guard the TRUTH.
    Did NOT carve my name in the tree.
    Did NOT take the ring.
    Told Silvio the TRUTH.
    Saved Coppice. I don’t think the people of Whiteriver would handle it well if they found out the trees which saved them are actually cursed people.

    Many Whiteriverians were saved because they fled to Coppice.
    The druids and the ents helped by growing new trees to ward off the miasma.
    Because a just queen.
    Silvio became Prime Mage, and taught the people magic.

    After reading the comments, I think this was the best possible ending. 🙂

  10. Fred

    Logical clues are not present making the puzzles in this one a stretch. I do not like this one.

  11. Kettt

    Thanks for the walkthrough! I will practice without cheating.

  12. Aimee

    I’ve played all 3 Trapmaker games, Murder Inn, Covenant, and Legend of the Sacred Stones, and of ALL of them, this game had the most NON-intuitive puzzles/solutions. In order to bring this game to the “advanced” level they chose to make some solutions impossible to get unless you use a hint or look it up, rather than making more challenging puzzles. If I can’t solve a puzzle because it’s too hard, that’s fine. I’ll look it up. But when I can’t solve it because the answer simply doesn’t make sense – that’s not “difficult” – it’s stupid. So, do better on that front next time.
    I love the format, the graphics, the story, the choices, and I especially love Alderbone.
    I give this one a 7/10. I took two points for the flaw in so many puzzles, and another point because I didn’t get any resolution with the Dragons. No mother-baby reunion? No dragon allies? Cmon!

    1. Anonyy

      Ok, so im curious..which puzzles did you dislike the most?

    2. Keith

      That was my issue! The dragons never got reunited (which is complete crap) and when I looked up a few things here, there was no way I would’ve ever thought of that.

      Also I get real life doesn’t have a happy ending all the time but if the kingdoms had just talked and worked together maybe. I play games for fun, not moral quandaries. Why put that in?

  13. Diana

    why cant i get the end shapes to get bigger

    1. Emma

      you have to put two fingers together, touch the screen then carefully pull them apart to stretch the shape. It’s basicaly the oppisite of a pinch.

      1. Irma

        How should I do this if I plan on PC? Thanks

        1. zxr6oo

          I know it’s an older thread but nobody has responded so far, so for future people coming here…

          Use the + to scale up
          Use the – to scale down
          Move it about with the mouse

        2. zxr6oo

          I know it’s an older thread but nobody has responded so far, so for future people coming here…

          Use the + to scale up
          Use the – to scale down
          Move it about with the mouse
          (You can also use the mouse wheel to scale up and down)

  14. Anonyy

    My ending is basically the same, but i took the ring and showed silvio the jail..thingy. Heres what happened:

    She left the throne so as not to repeat her mothers mistake
    He stayed and helped the coppice..uh, thing(i forgot) and became a great sorcerer there

  15. Taetae

    This is by far the least fun and engaging story I’ve played so far from AE, and ironically it’s interactive. Storyline is mediocre, the interactive story is an attempt to engage people in the story but it doesn’t affect the gameplay so I ended up not reading most dialogues and choosing randomly. It could’ve been something more, like different choices would affect which mini game to appear later on or riddles in the riddle game could be based on the choices you’ve made, that would’ve been a nice wraparound. Most mini games are fun, like always, but a few bad apples is all it takes to break my attention, like some of the spells patterns and the riddle game made me roll my eyes – they make no sense! I enjoyed the spell casting feature, which reminds me of the shape-shifting feature from Haunted Hunt. I agree with Aimee that there’s no resolution with the dragons and that sucks. And what happened to Alderbone? I didn’t sacrifice him but there’s no update of him. I couldn’t care less about Silvio but he has an ending, what about Alderbone? Was he able to go back to his nap?

  16. Jani

    I guess I hurried to the end and couldn’t go back to find the hidden stars. They are either really hidden well or non-existent. Maybe it requires the x-ray vision but I didn’t encounter any.

    Chose the same as Sam (above) Silvio helps the Whiteriverians relocate and ends up with a high position. Is that a good thing or not? Meh, dunno… he seems crooked. Will he use his 2nd chance for good? Prolly not.

  17. wizz

    one thing to add is that if you sacrifice Silvio (saved Whiteriver, if matters), and you didn’t show him the letter; they hang a portrait of him, displaying him as one of the Great Wizards

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