Mr Success: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Mr Success
By: hap Inc.

Mr Success is a spin-off of the Hidden my game by mom series. You need to perform gestures to pass each level. It’s more fun to solve them all yourself, but if you get stuck, this walkthrough get will help you out with tips, tricks, answers and solutions. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


You can watch my video for all 35 stages here or continue to my step-by-step guide below.

Opening: Tap quickly to make the audience clap.

Stage 1: Grab the spoon and pull it to the right so it breaks.

Stage 2: Grab his hat and pull it up to make doves fly out of it.

Stage 3: Pull up on the wand to make flowers sprout from it. Be careful now to pull it to the right or it will break.

Stage 4: Tap his mouth and pull to the right so flags come out!

Stage 5: Pull either half of him to the side to cut him in half.

Stage 6: Drag the two pieces back together.

Stage 7: Pull the tablecloth out from under the drink without spilling it.

Stage 8: Pull the cup side-to-side to shake the dice. Then lift the cup to see them stacked in a column.

Stage 9: Pull up the curtain so he vanished. Then tap on him in the audience.

Stage 10: Move the two chairs aside and he’ll levitate! Make sure not to lift the sheet or everyone will see the truck.

Stage 11: Pull his head down so it looks like it fell off.

Stage 12: Pull the pencil up and down until it starts wobbling like it’s rubber.

Stage 13: Pull his bow tie down just a little and then release, so it hits him in the face.

Stage 14: Tap the trampoline until he jumps high enough to say off the screen. Then open the menu to find him!

Stage 15: Tap the fly to catch it.

Stage 16: Tap the popcorn to throw it up in the air and then drag him to the right spot to catch it in his mouth.

Stage 17: Wait for the dove to arrive and start eating the popcorn. Then pull the string to trap it.

Stage 18: Pull the mic up.

Stage 19: Pull him to the left so he’s leaning forward.

Stage 20: Pull him back so he’ll avoid the bullets.

Stage 21: Pick the watermelon up so it floats.

Stage 22: Pull the pan down and release, then straighten it up so the pancake lands flat in the pan.

Stage 23: Aim the ball at the cowering goalie and then release. He’ll duck down and the ball will hit the goal!

Stage 24: Wait until you see the baseball and then tap the screen to make him catch it.

Stage 25: This is an annoying one. Tap the ball to make it bounce. You then have to keep tapping his hand at just the right moment to make him dribble it. You need to do it about five times.

Stage 26: Tap on the 26 in the words “Stage 26.”

Stage 27: Tap the 5th star to rate him five stars.

Stage 28: Just tap the cymbals to make him bang them.

Stage 29: Pull the string out of his mouth until you see the words THE END.

Stage 30: Yap and keep tapping to make everyone clap together. After the curtain goes up, revealing a log, lift the face off the woman top center to reveal the magician!

Stage 31: Pull his hand to the right to pull off the thumb.

Stage 32: Just Pull his hand to the right to spread out the cards.

Stage 33: Just tap either hand twice.

Stage 34: Pull his hand to the right to enlarge his ear.

Stage 35: Pull on the chain to make his hand pop out of the hole.

And that’s the end!

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