Panmorphia: Enchanted – Complete Walkthrough Guide

Panmorphia: Enchanted

It’s been a few years since the original Panmorphia released, a game I enjoyed because of its hand-drawn artwork combined with photos of real Cyprus locations. I also loved how you changed into different animals to change your perspective and solve puzzles. Panmorphia: Enchanted uses similar mechanics, allowing you to control the four elements. The game includes a built-in hint system, but if you need extra help, you can use this walkthrough guide for tips, tricks, answers and solutions. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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You can watch my video walkthrough for the entire game here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Tap on the column to the right and match the similar icons in pairs. I color-coded them for you below.

2. Take the chisel and tap on the clue to the left to add it to your journal.

3. Turn left. Pick up the wooden handle and some sand. Take a look at the fish. There’s another clue by its tail. Tap on it to add it to your journal. While in this scene, also play the memory game on the pillar.

4. Tap on the clue to add it to your journal. Also, notice that a pipe is missing.

5. Turn left. Tap on the clue on the left pillar. Also, examine the fire pit for two more clues.

6. Turn left. Pick up the axe head and zoom in on the bird to find another clue.

7. Turn right back to the bearded man. There’s a rock to the right. Place the wooden handle and axe head on it to join them into an axe. Pick it up. Also, tap on the clue to add it to your journal.

8. Turn back to the cat and use the axe to cut down the vines suffocating the tree. You’ll automatically get firewood. Pick up the bowl and tendrils.

9. Go back to the fish wall and use the bowl to scoop up some fertilizer.

10. Go back to the human wall and place the firewood in the fire pit. Grab the coil.

11. Go back to the cat wall and use the fertilizer on the tree. Then pick up the coin. Also, place the coil with the others. We need to figure out how to charge them.

12. Go back to the bird wall. Place the coin in the slots in the order shown below to open the drain. Take the cat hairball.

13. Fill up the bowl with water from the pool.

14. Tap on the barnacles to the right and use the chisel to remove them and get some limestone.

15. Now to solve the puzzle under the barnacles. You need to first get your warrior past the guards. Tap on the lower doorway to get to the next level, and then on the Pantheon.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. Suzy G

    Need the birds! 😬😀

  2. Julia

    The coin bird thing doesn’t work. Did I miss a clue?

  3. Kristy

    Am I stupid today or were these puzzle clues not very clear? I would have been so lost without this walkthrough! Frustrating game

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