Panmorphia: Enchanted – Complete Walkthrough Guide

16. Then, tap on the smaller pillars and then the bigger pillars. Then grab the bull head and helmet and tap the Pantheon.

17. Next, choose the man. And after that, choose the urn.

18. Zeus got some wind blowing! Now you need to make your way back to the boat. Head through the doorway to meet the Minotaur. Tap on the bull head, then the Minotaur and then the labyrinth.

19. Now tap on the boat and a constellation will appear! Tap on it to add the clue to your journal.

20. Go back to the cat wall and use the cat hairball to charge the coils. It has to be done in a specific order. It goes Right, Middle, Left, Left, Right, Left, Middle.

21. Leave and come back. After it starts raining, pick up the clay and Sun piece. The Sun piece is under the clay.

22. Tap on the engraving above the cat head. Place the sun piece in the slot and then swap the moons around so it depicts the phases of the moon.

23. Notice the constellation near the charger coil. Tap it to add the clue to your journal. Then, tap on the glowing roots. There’s a patch of dirt to plant something. We’ll come back to it, but for now tap on the two clues to add them to your journal.

24. Tap on the flowers that bloomed. Tap the clue here to add it to your journal. Then memorize the sequence of the blooming flowers and copy it. There’s several sequences. If you need help, you can follow my numbered screenshots below. Once you’re done, take the sap.

25. Go back to the fish wall and use the clay on the missing scales to make a clay mold.

26. If you go back to the human/fire wall, the floor puzzle is now activated and you can solve it! Once you do, a clue will be added to your journal and a fire will start in the fire pit.

27. Place the clay mold in the fire. Add the sand and limestone. Then use the water to put out the fire. Pick up the glass scales and a piece of charcoal.

28. Tap on the birds puzzle on the pillar and rub charcoal on the faint glyph. Now you can solve the puzzle! Put the birds in the right order so it looks like it’s flying.

29. Take the glass jar, pipe and seed. Also, tap on the bird’s colorful feathers to add a clue to your journal.

30. Go back to the fish and replace the missing scales with the glass ones you made.

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