Panmorphia: Enchanted – Complete Walkthrough Guide

31. Add the pipe to the others inside the pillar and solve the pipes puzzle. Tap to rotate the pipes! The pipes are leaking! Patch up the hole with the vine and sap.

32. The room will fill up with water! Now the tubes at the top have water in them. You need to equalize the first two tubes. So that means 4 in each. This is how you do it:

Pour 1 into 3.
Pour 1 into 2.
Pour 3 into 1.
Pour 2 into 3.
Pour 3 into 1.
Pour 2 into 3.
Pour 1 into 2.
Pour 2 into 3.
Pour 3 into 1.

Then take the pearl.

33. Now the water drains and there’s a new puzzle on the ground! Place the pearl in the center of the conch. Then use the shell buttons to guide it out. Press them in the order shown below. Then take the emerald crescent moon.

34. Go back to the cat wall and zoom in on the flowers. Collect some fireflies in the jar.

35. Plant the seed in the soil and take the amethyst from the flower that grows.

36. Place the emerald crescent moon in the cat’s forehead. But we don’t have enough information to solve the puzzle yet.

37. Go back to the bird wall. Go into the pool and use the fireflies to see. Move the light around to find the barnacles. Use the chisel to remove them and reveal a clue to add to your journal. Also, find the puzzle piece and two more clues to add to your journal.

38. Leave the pool. Place the puzzle piece on the pillar to the right and swap the tiles around to make an image.

39. Now, you need to highlight some of the tiles. Use the clue from the floor puzzle to figure out which ones. Then take the crystal and move the sand away to get a ruby. Also, tap on the clue to add it to your journal.

40. Place the amethyst in the bird’s eye. Now we can move the feathers! Copy the pattern from your journal. It goes Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple. It’s a little tricky but not too bad once you get used to how the feathers move.

41. Now zoom back out and there’s a bunch of strange symbols on the screen. You need to use the clues from your journal to figure out which ones to highlight. You want to spell out what looks like AVEMOS.

42. Now, use the amulet with the wind to enchant the amulet with wind power.

43. Go back to the fire wall and place the ruby in the man’s forehead. Highlight the four glyphs shown in the clue in your journal.

44. Now, use the other clue of the four circles and arrows to figure out which way to rotate them. If you get it right, his eyes will glow red.

45. Now zoom out and figure out which letters to highlight. It looks kind of like YWTIA. Then enchant the amulet with fire.

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