Maginary: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Gameplay Videos

By: Semyon Polyakovskiy

Maginary is an innovative app that blurs the line between book an game. You read it like a book, but there are some puzzles to solve, usually using your phone’s different tools like the microphone, camera and GPS. It’s more fun to figure everything out on your own, but if you get stuck, this guide should help you. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Chapters 1 Welcome to Anzo & 2 Evacuation is Underway:

When the test tells you that you can’t turn back to the previous page, try it to see if that’s true.

When Michael talks about shaking, shake your phone.

When Michael is looking for the Medallion in the grass, open your Control Center and turn the brightness all the way up. You can turn it back down after.

When the smoke gets in the way, blow into your microphone to clear it.

Chapter 3, Airy Body:

When Michael says he needs electricity, plug your phone into an outlet. You can unplug it after.

When Michael asks you to walk 1000 steps, you can pace back and forth in a room. The game is not measuring actual distance, just steps taken.

Chapter 4, Old Acquaintance:

For the combination lock, you need to turn left 8 and right 6, but that means swipe right 8 and then swipe left 6.

Chapter 5, Epicenter of Doubts:

My video cut off here because one of the puzzles turned off the phone for a second. But it’s almost the whole chapter.

The phrase you need to call out is “the answer.”

When it asks you to put your phone in front of a mirror, do so. Then the image of a phone will appear, and it will rotate to its side. So copy it by turning your phone on its side.

Chapter 6, Back to the Future:

For the lightning, apparently you’re supposed to be able to get it to work by putting your phone near metal, but I couldn’t get that to work. Using my lightning cable to charge it did, and so did putting a magnet at the back of my phone.

And that’s the end!

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  1. January

    How do you end the game? (With the rotating part?)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hold your phone flat out in front of you and just spin around a few times.

  2. Emani

    I canΓÇÖt get past the fog part idk if IΓÇÖm suppose to blow into my headphones or unplug my headphones and blow into my mic please help

  3. Kathy

    Hi need help with the compass set to 135 southeast

    1. Anna

      Use the compass app to show southeast

      1. Crystal

        I tried this but it keeps telling me I’m degrees off.

  4. Zoe

    The last part is not working for me

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