Lifting Journey: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Lifting Journey
By: Team FLUP

Lifting Journey is a new point-and-click adventure that’s surprisingly not about weightlifting. It’s about a little girl searching for her lost dog Coco. The game is on the short side, but there are some tricky puzzles, so you can use this walkthrough guide if you get stuck. For now, I only have the video I made, but I might make a proper step-by-step guide as well. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Level 1:

1. Pick up the jug of water near the man and then pour it on the fire to put it out. Pick up the wooden plank.

2. Stand near the floating lantern. That shows you where you can use your balloon to fly up. Tap the arrow to get up to the higher ledge. Then use the wooden plank to cross. Use your balloon to fly up again and complete Level 1.

Level 2:

1. Pick up an orange from the crate and then continue right. Fly straight up.

2. Head left and grab the scissors.

3. Go back right and tap on the bar to make a drink. You need to count the blue, red and yellow bottles to get the code. So it’s 4 blue, 2 red and 1 yellow. Enter 421 and press the button to make a drink. Then squeeze the orange into it and take it.

4. Go back down and give the guy to the right the drink. He’ll let you pass now.

5. Get on the hot air balloon and cut the rope to fly off.

Level 3:

1. Fly up and grab the shovel.

2. Head back down and go left. Look at the sign. It shows you were to dig for carrots and how many times.

3. Use the shovel with the soil and then dig in those same spots the correct number of times to get all the carrots. Now you have carrots!

4. Put the carrots in the turtle’s food bowl. Then look at the clue on his shell.

5. Fly back up and tap on the control panel. You need to press the buttons in the same order shown on the turtle’s shell. You can follow my order below.

6. The fan will turn on. Fly back down and the fly up by the bridge. The fan will blow you across.

Level 4:

1. Fly up and grab the bucket. Use the fishing rod to get some dog meat. Also, turn the fan around so it faces right.

2. Go back down and collect some water in the bucket.

3. Pour the water in the soil and take the flower.

4. Take a look at the symbols on the rock and then head right to the combination lock.

5. Use the symbols you saw to figure out which symbols to enter. The clue isn’t the best, not least because the leaf looks like a feather and the mountains don’t really look like mountains. So you can follow my solution if you want. Then take the magic rock.

6. Give the meat, flower and magic rock to the old man. He’ll make some fireballs fly up, and the fan will blow one to the right, breaking through the door.

7. Go right and fly up and through the exit.

Level 5:


More coming soon!

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  1. Sally

    IΓÇÖve downloaded it and got to level 3. But the controls are so clunky and annoying IΓÇÖve given up.
    Not even worth 99p

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