Knights of the Card Table: Walkthrough Guide and Gameplay Videos

Knights of the Card Table
By: Iron Horse Games / Ponywolf

Knights of the Card Table is a new level-based card game by Ponywolf and Iron Horse Games. It’s not a trading card or deck-building game, as you don’t have a deck of cards that you add to. Basically, each dungeon consists of cards, be they monsters or gold or potions, and you decide the order to go through them. If you’re attacking a monster, you roll the dice to see how much damage you’ll do. Therefore, there is some luck involved, but this guide should help you make sense of all the different moving parts. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Tips and Tricks:

– Each level/dungeon needs to be unlocked with coins. It shouldn’t be a problem, but early on you may want to try and get those triple-potions to earn more coins so you don’t have to replay levels to get more.

– Make sure to check the anvil to see if you have any new weapons, shields, or characters unlocked. You need to buy them with gold once they’re unlocked, but then you can use them as much as you want.

– As soon as you unlock the Punchboxer, equip her. She has a 3% dodge bonus and a 3% crit bonus. There’s no down side to using her.

– Also, make sure to equip your shield. It will help minimize damage taken.

– Each weapon has different dice that determine the damage you deal. The starting weapon is a Punch, which is four-sided, so the maximum damage you can do is 4. The Sword is 6-sided, but has -1 damage, so if you roll anything lower than a 5, you’ll be worse off than if you had been using a 4-sided die. It also has a 10% critical hit chance, though. So play around and see which one pays off for you. The Mace is 8-sided but -2 damage and 15% crit.

– The Dagger replaces the Punch and has a 6% crit bonus. I tend to prefer it over the Sword and Mace.

– In battle, power milk gives you a damage bonus and health drank heals you.

– When fighting a monster, pay attention to their health. If you roll a number that’s equal to or higher than their health, they’ll die and you’ll be unharmed. If you roll a lower number, you’ll take one damage, but you’ll reduce their health by the number you rolled.

– Killing three enemies in a row gives you a damage bonus for the next enemy you fight.

– Drinking three health dranks in a row gives you a gold bonus.

– You can use a fireball to hit three enemies at once. Just make sure all three are directly in front of the magic book before casting.

– The Freeze spell also works on three enemies at once, but it freezes them so they can’t attack back.

– Poison lowers your attack by one for the next battle. But if you drink three in a row, they all cancel each other out.

– Flipped cards automatically activate when you select them. You don’t get to see what they are first.

– If you lose a battle, you can use an Ice Pop to revive and continue. I don’t see any down side to this unless you want to prove to yourself you can beat it without that. Some levels have twenty floors, so if you mess up near the end it might be wiser to just eat the ice pop.

– Locked cards can’t be moved. You have to use all the cards leading up to it first. You also can’t drag any cards from one side of it to the other.

– Stone Hearts act as extra armor. If you run out of hearts, you’ll go through the stone hearts before dying for good. They don’t replenish when you drink soda, though.

– I’ll add more as I make more progress. Let me know if you have any questions or your own tips!

Gameplay Videos:

Again, luck plays a part. So if you keep rolling a 1, you’ll be in trouble. But there are ways to mitigate you luck and minimize your risk. These videos aren’t always perfect runs but maybe they’ll help you out.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

More coming soon!

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