Pipe Push Paradise: iOS Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Pipe Push Paradise
By: Digerati Distribution / Corey Martin

Pipe Push Paradise is a hardcore puzzler by developer Corey Martin. It recently got posted over to iOS and Android with a slightly bigger tutorial, but it’s still a pretty challenging game. I’ve only made videos for the first few levels, but I’ll add be adding more. Meanwhile, I have some tips and tricks to help you out. And if you need help with a specific level, just ask in the comments section.

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Tips and Tricks:

– The controls are pretty simple. Drag a pipe in the direction you want it to go and your character will automatically walk over and push it. If it’s not possible, she’ll shake her head and you’ll have to figure out something else.

– If you push on the inside of an elbow, the pipe will roll, so the second half will end up vertical.

– The Circle denotes an easy level, the Square is a medium level, the triangle is a Hard level, and the Sun is an expert level. You can solve the easy puzzles first to unlock the entire map. Each area focuses on a different mechanic.

– The undo button helps if you overshoot a move or just don’t like the move you made. It even undoes a level reset in case you pressed it by accident! You can also hold down on the undo button to undo faster.

– If you’re having trouble, look at the level name. It often gives you a hint as to what the solution might be. ARCHWAY is a great example, and one I feel silly about ignoring for so long.

– Magnetic pipes stick together if they touch ends. But you can still roll elbow pipes to change the shape of the larger structure.

– Sometimes you might need to push pipes into holes!

– Don’t panic! And don’t rush! The game lets you go at your own pace without worrying about a timer or move counter. And as long as you can solve the Easy puzzles, you’ll have all but the final level unlocked, so just work on the ones that seem more doable at first.

– Just have fun!


First Area, Levels 1 Doormat, 2 Forth, 3 And Back, 4 Upright, 5 Crux, 6 Ripple Effect, 7 No Escape, and 8 Turning Point:

Second Area, Levels 9 Six-Point Turn, 10 Buffer Zone, 11 Cork, 12 Narrow Pass, and 13 Elbow Bump:

More coming soon!

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