STAY: Are you there? – Complete Walkthrough Guide and Puzzle Solutions

Chapter 12, Puzzle 6, Chess Solitaire / Chatarunga:

This is another tricky one, but not so bad. My main issue was thinking at first that the green pieces were my opponent and I had to turn them white somehow. I thought if one of my pieces turned green, it was bad. It was actually the opposite. You want to turn all the pieces green. If that’s not enough info for you, keep reading.

The first thing you should do is tap on each white piece and rotate it until you see green lights.

Once all of them are rotated properly, look at each of the green pieces. They show you the location of each of the different pieces and which direction they should be facing in each yellow section of the board. So now just move all the pieces to the correct spots. If you’re right, they’ll turn green. Keep going until the whole board is green.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next puzzle or click here.

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  1. Jenny Gibbard

    ItΓÇÖs 4 because 3 + 4 x 7 = 28 for the triangle puzzle

  2. Jenny Gibbard

    Sorry I meant to say 3+4 = 7 then 7x 4 = 28. 😝

  3. Sumit

    Thanks man for hint😁!

  4. G B

    The “gibberish” numeral system is Cherokee

  5. Molly Zupancic

    Can someone help?!?!
    Whenever I complete the 214 channel puzzle it doesnΓÇÖt go onto the 353 channel. I have gotten the puzzle right but it will not let me move forward.

  6. sam

    I can’t press 1 one the TV remote, what should i do

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