STAY: Are you there? – Complete Walkthrough Guide and Puzzle Solutions

Chapter 16, Puzzle 7, Television and Morse Code:

This puzzle is a little weird, but not too difficult. The Morse code spells out SEX, WORK, FAMILY, FREEDOM. But I didn’t really see how that helped with anything.

What did help was going to channel 444, which is listed on the blue screen. It then says EXIT and the number 105 next to E.

So change to channel 105. You get a screen like this. It’s a pile of cubes and it asks you how many cubes there are. The answer is 9, but it will be a different color each time. So press whichever color 9 is.

Now the EXIT screen gives you a new number, 214.

So go to channel 214. It looks like this. It asks you which number should go in the empty triangle on the right. I’m not really sure why, but it’s 4. So choose whichever color is 4.

Now the EXIT screen gives you another number, 353.

Change the channel to 353 and you get a series of colored bricks piled on top of each other. You need to figure out which colors go in the four bricks on the lower right. Study the pattern and you’ll see that dark blue always comes after light blue. So press the color that has dark blue in the upper left. For me, it was blue.

Now the EXIT screen will show you one last number, 727.

Change the channel to 727 and you get this screen. The top shows you that two red is equal to one blue and one green is equal to two blue. So if you examine the options, you should see that 2 blue + 1 red = 1 green + 1 red. So press whichever color is under that one. For me it was green.

Now the EXIT screen should say OK next to each letter. Press the POWER button on the remote to complete the puzzle.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next puzzle or click here.

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  1. Jenny Gibbard

    ItΓÇÖs 4 because 3 + 4 x 7 = 28 for the triangle puzzle

  2. Jenny Gibbard

    Sorry I meant to say 3+4 = 7 then 7x 4 = 28. 😝

  3. Sumit

    Thanks man for hint😁!

  4. G B

    The “gibberish” numeral system is Cherokee

  5. Molly Zupancic

    Can someone help?!?!
    Whenever I complete the 214 channel puzzle it doesnΓÇÖt go onto the 353 channel. I have gotten the puzzle right but it will not let me move forward.

  6. sam

    I can’t press 1 one the TV remote, what should i do

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