Avo!: Walkthrough Guide With All Bonuses

By: Playdeo

Avo! is a new full motion video (FMV) game by Playdeo (get it? Video you play?), in which you control a living, breathing avocado! I mean, I assume he breathes but he has no mouth, so I can’t be sure. Anyway, you draw paths for him to follow so he can pick up magic beans that make him go faster (hmmmmm….) and also unlock new episodes. There are also objects to find and bonuses. Some of the extras can be tricky to find, so this guide should help you out. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Tips & Tricks:

– Make sure to pick up all the beans you see, especially if you don’t plan to spend money on more for new episodes. Each episode costs 1000 beans.

– You can replay episodes for more beans, but keep in mind that you can’t skip any video clips, so it’s going to take a lot of time.

– If you’re trying to get all bonuses in a level, keep in mind that sometimes a bonus could just be walking to a spot and triggering a video clip. Other times, you may need to replay an episode and do something differently. But at the very least, explore all your surroundings and make sure you didn’t miss anything.

– You can bring Avo into your own world using the Augmented Reality (AR) function. Give it a try!


Episodes 1 Prologue & 2 The Power Generator (all bonuses):

Episode 1 just introduced you to Billie and Avo. You draw a line from Avo to move him. You want to pick up beans, too.

Episode 2 is the first time you have objects to pick up. You need to find the Crumpled Paper, Bent Fork, and Blown Curcuit. You can also look for the Old Book to get a bonus once you talk to Billie about it.

Bonus 1: The teleporter.

Bonus 2: The Being Fruit to Life Machine (BFTL).

Bonus 3: Stand on the letter from Glow Energy to trigger a joke from Billie.

Bonus 4: The little pink dress.

Bonus 5: Pick up the Old Book near the pink dress.

Episode 3, The Teleporter (all bonuses):

In order to get all four bonuses in this episode, you have to play through it twice.

Bonus 1: By the computer, about magenta.

Bonus 2: When you head towards the sink to pick up the avocado, Billie will spook Avo and tell him a joke.

Bonus 3 & 4: The other two can only be achieved separately. To get one bonus, pick up the avocado by the sink first and then the calculator (use the elevator to get to it) and then talk to Billie. To get the other bonus, play the episode again and pick up the calculator first and then the avocado before talking to Billie.

Episode 4, The Break-In (all bonuses):

In this episode, Avo is alone when a burglar breaks in! You need to avoid the little drones with spotlights, but the game is pretty forgiving even if you get caught.

Bonus 1: Interact with the radio to make Avo dance.

Bonus 2: Watch a YouTube video on the computer.

Bonus 3: Have Avo put on a gummy mouth!

Bonus 4: Have Avo jump inside the bucket of gold paint.

Bonus 5: Have Avo look at the bulletin board covered in drawings and equations.

Episode 5, The Villain Revealed:

For the first four bonuses, make sure you pick up the business card last after the other four items. Otherwise you’ll end the episode before pickup up the other items and bonuses. Four of the items count as bonuses, but one doesn’t.

For the fifth bonus, you need give the game permission to use the camera and turn on AR mode. Then Avo will teleport to your own home! Send him through the portal back to Billie and then go through the other portal to get the last bonus.

Episode 6, The Recon (all bonuses):

This episode doesn’t tell you when you picked up a bonus until it’s too late to find more. But you need to take five photos besides Big Ben. So before using the remote, take photos of these objects:

The Bring Fruit to Life Machine (BFTL)
Computer Wallpaper
Employee of the Month Certificate
Ibiza Postcard
Family Portait

Once you have those, use the remote to open the window and get a photo of Big Ben. Then Billie will go through the photos and you’ll get all five bonuses.

I made a separate video just to hear all of Aloysius’ speech since I cut it off in the last video.

Episode 7, The Disaster (all bonuses):

Bonus 1: You get this by taking too long to send Avo through the portal with the sticky note on his head. Billie will break the fourth wall to tell you to hurry!

Bonus 2: When heading towards the sink, Billie will try to spook you again. This only works if you got the bonus in Episode 3.

Bonus 3: Interact with the computer again to get the magenta fact for the second time. This only works if you also got the bonus in Episode 3.

Bonus 4: You get another by interacting with the spoiled fruit when Avo and Billie are running around together plugging in the power modes.

Bonus 5: You get another for making Avo run circles around Billie when she’s shrunken.

Episode 8, Epilogue (all bonuses):

And that’s the end! I’ll try to make new videos once I find the missing bonuses.

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  1. Kelly

    Replay the episode but collect the items in the opposite order instead of teleporting the avocado, sheΓÇÖll teleport the calculator and the last bonus is unlocked.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks! But how are you supposed to figure that out?

    2. Kayla

      YouΓÇÖre talking about the nodes? I collected them once 1-5 then again 5-1 and it didnΓÇÖt work. Advice?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Yeah I just tried collecting in order and nothing. It sounds like you found two I didnΓÇÖt and I found one you didnΓÇÖt and that should make 5.

  2. Shanno

    In episode 7, if you walk over to the computer in the lab before going anywhere else, there’s a bonus where billie repeats the magenta isn’t a real colour comment. If you then go over the bridge next to the teleporter towards the sink, billie will pop up and try to surprise Avo again. Those are two extra bonuses. Still haven’t found the other two yet though 🤔🤔🤔

  3. Kayla

    First bonus is the spook when going towards the sink, second bonus is the magenta, third bonus is the tray full of rotting avocados, fourth bonus is walking circles around Billie, and fifth bonus I have yet to discover.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Wait magenta is a bonus in Episode 7? I didnΓÇÖt get the sink one either.
      I got a fourth-wall breaking one for taking too long to enter the portal.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      IsnΓÇÖt the spook and the magenta in episode 3?

    3. AppUnwrapper

      Oh! It only works if you got those bonuses in episode 3. My game resets every time I play (donΓÇÖt ask) so I missed those. Thanks!

  4. Jack

    So I managed to find 4/5 bonuses for episode 7. Before you enter the portal to go back in time, wait until Billie breaks the fourth wall, it should take a minute or two. Once you enter the portal and have to collect the nodes, walk on the bridge that goes to the sink area and Billie will tell the joke she told earlier. Also, go to the computer and she will talk about magenta being not a real color again. Once you collected the nodes and is back to the area where you have to plug the nodes in, go to the avocado crate. I tweeted Playdeo about finding the last bonus so hopefully they will give me a hint or tell me! Hope that helps!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Is it not showing that I have all five now? I updated this several days ago with all 5.

  5. M.S

    How do u play an episode it is not working

    1. M.S

      My phone is not working
      It is not loading and I just bought the game

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