The Birdcage 2: Icegon Pack Walkthrough Guide

Level 17:

1. Turn left. Rotate part of the upper right pillar to find the first gem. There’s another gem hiding in the left pillar. Also, tap the bottles to learn a new spell – Freeze!

2. Use the wand on the two bottles. Use the Fire spell on the right one and the Freeze spell on the left one.

3. For the second bottle puzzle, pick up the three bottles and place them on the hooks in order of 1, 2, 3. Use the Freeze spell on the third bottle. Then take the wooden piece.

4. Continue left. Place the wooden piece in the slot and pull both sides out to reveal another puzzle. For this, draw the shape shown under each letter, but rotate or reverse it based on how the number looks at the top. Pull the slider to the right and take the disc.

5. Continue left. Grab the gem and solve the tile swapping puzzle in the center

6. Rotate the ring to reveal four buttons. You need to pay attention to which dragons light up and press the buttons in that order.

7. For the next puzzle, place the disc down and pull out the slider over each number to see a letter. You get:

1 = 0
2 = A
3 = N
4 = G

8. Look to the left. There are numbers alone the pillar. It goes 2413. So change the letters next to the numbers to AGON. Take the key.

9. Read the secret scroll and use the key to free the Icegon.

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2 years ago

What are the wand movements neede to retrieve 3rd gem?

2 years ago