The Birdcage 2: Hidden Objects and Secret Level Walkthrough Guide

The Birdcage 2: Magical Creatures
By: Kaarel Kirsipuu / Pine Studio

Last year, Pine Studio released a room escape game called The Birdcage, which tasked you with releasing different kinds of birds from their cages. Well, now they’re back with a sequel, and this time there magical creatures like dragons and phoenixes! If you’re having trouble, this walkthrough guide should help you with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions. This guide will help you find all the hidden items. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Owl Pack | Crow Pack | Phoenix Pack | Icegon Pack | Dragon Pack | Epilogue |

Secret Level:

Now that you have all the secret scrolls from all 25 levels, it’s time to look for clues in them and find the hidden items. This guide will show you how.

Each animal has one item hidden somewhere and the five scrolls tell you how to get it.

You can watch my video for the Secret Level or continue below for my step/by-step guide.


The owl’s hidden item is a Dragon Tooth.

Scroll 1: This talks about a crown. That’s a clue. It also mentions dragon teeth.

Scroll 2: This tells you to head “south” or down first.

Scroll 3: This tells you where to look for the hidden object.

Scroll 4: This tells you what to draw for the spell. It’s a crown.

Level 1: Examine the pillar to the left of the wooden owl. Use the wand on it.

Use the wand on the spot and then start drawing a crown from the top right corner, making your way down and around like the clues suggest. The spell is called The King.

Try it a few times if it doesn’t work. A hatch should open up, revealing a big dragon tooth.


The Crow’s hidden item is Salamander Skin.

Scroll 6:

Scroll 7: This tells you the direction to draw the symbol. The clue is “north” or up. It also says it’s a “winding path.”

Scroll 8: This tells you where to find the secret item.

Scroll 9: This tells you the symbol to draw for the spell. It’s a path or road!

Level 8: Examine the pillar between the triangles and the circle.

You need to draw a path, starting from the bottom. This spell is called The Road.

A small hatch should open up, revealing a jar of salamander skins.


The phoenix’s hidden item is Mermaid Scales.

Scroll 11: This talks about mermaid scales.

Scroll 12: This tells you to head “east” or right while drawing the symbol. It also mentions “spiraling shells.”

Scroll 13: This tells you where to look for the hidden item.

Scroll 14: This tells you what symbol to draw for the magic spell.

Level 12: Find the three circles and examine the space below them.

Use the wand and then draw the spiral shape, starting from the upper left and making your way into the middle. The spell is called The Sea.

Try it a few times if it doesn’t work. A small hatch should open up, revealing the jar of mermaid scales!


The Icegon’s hidden item is Butterfly Dust.

Scroll 16: This scroll talks about butterflies.

Scroll 17: This scroll tells you the direction to draw. It says “westward” or left. You also have to stop for a second on the way back.

Scroll 18: This scroll tells you where to look for the hidden item.

Scroll 19: This shows you what symbol to draw for the spell.

Level 18: Examine the spot under the magnifier. I’m still working out the shape to draw.

This is the most difficult shape. You need to draw a butterfly, but you’re given very little to work with. Start at the dot and go left, then up, make the first triangle, keep going through the dot, then come back around to make the second triangle. This spell is called The Butterfly.

A hatch should open up, revealing some Butterfly Dust.


The dragon’s Hidden item is Frog Tears.

Scroll 21: This mentions frogs’ tears and also a potion.

Scroll 22: This tells you how to draw the symbol. It says she traveled “south” or down.

Scroll 23: This tells you where to look for the hidden item.

Scroll 24: This shows you the shape to draw for the spell. It’s a potion bottle.

Level 22: Go left from the pipes where you melted the ice. Above the dragon’s back is a spot you can use the wand.

You need to draw a potion bottle. Starting from the upper right and going left and then down and around. This spell is called The Potion.

A hatch should open up, revealing a potion bottle of frog tears.

Secret Level:

On the main menu, above the cauldron, there’s a box. Your secret items are stored there. Once you have them all, use the fifth scroll from each animal to figure out the order to put them into the cauldron.

Scroll 5:

Scroll 10:

Scroll 15:

Scroll 20:

Scroll 25:

Based on those five clues, this should be the order you place the items in the cauldron.

Butterfly Dust
Salamander Skin
Frog Tears
Dragon Tooth
Dragon Tooth
Mermaid Scales

Now watch the ending! Congratulations! You found everything there is to find!

You should also have all these achievements:

Veteran Mailman
The Stone
Needle in a Haystack
Eye of an Eagle
Black Hearted Queen
Creatures Flying High

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  1. John

    Start from the center dot, move left, go straight up to the top left corner, then go diagonally down/right until you hit the bottom right corner, then go left until you are in line with the center point again and go straight up to make two triangles.

    1. John

      Also, the order of ingredients is correct but you need to include 2 dragons teeth.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Took me a few tries to understand what you were saying, but finally got it. Thanks! That was a tough one.

  2. Michael

    Got four of the five but I can’t get the spell for Level 8 to work at all.

  3. jack

    your missing the griffin section of birdcage 2

    1. Rob

      Griffin section:
      – go to level 29
      – double tap on the top of the birdcage
      – use the wand to cast ‘The Gem’: starting from the bottom, go up 45 degrees NW, then continue clockwise describing a hexagon (6 sides, 6 points, as the scroll says, with one point facing down)

      Now…does anyone know what to do with the quill once you have it and if/how it modifies the ending?

      1. Jon z

        Add the quill in before mixing the rest of the secret ingredients. ImgurΓÇÖs storyline will be added in to the end credits.

  4. Uriah

    Thanks a bunch! I managed to finish the game on my own as well as find where the hidden items are, well, hidden… but didn’t get any of the spells to uncover them except for the Griffin one (I drew a clockwise circle and it worked). I wouldn’t have gotten them right without a walkthrough with pictures. Thanks again!

  5. Kaoru

    use the griffin quill after the dragon teeth and before the mermaid scales:

    1.- Butterfly powder.
    2.- Salamander skin.
    3.- Frog Tear.
    4 and 5 .- Dragon’s teeth
    6.- Griffon Feather.
    7.- Mermaid scale.

    The text lengthens.

    Your Welcome uwu

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