Baba is You: The Lake Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

Baba is You
By: Hempuli / Arvi Trikari

Baba is You is a ridiculously innovative puzzle game where you push words around like blocks and see how they interact with each other. Sadly, it’s not available on iOS yet, but it’s a testament to how much I’m enjoying it that I’m willing to play on my PC. I’ve been recording my playthrough, but I also started making straight walkthrough videos for those who don’t want to watch me figure things out. This page will get you through all the levels in The Lake area. Click on the links for the other areas if this isn’t what you’re looking for. If you need help with levels I haven’t added yet, feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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The Lake:

You can watch my video for The Lake here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

Level 01 Icy Waters:

Push SINK down. Then push WALL through the jellyfish and head straight to the touch flag and win.

Level 02 Turns:

Push the rock out. Then push STAR down to to make STAR IS PUSH and add AND SINK to it to make STAR IS PUSH AND SINK. Then push the star into the skull to get rid of it. Move under CRAB and push it up just one spot. Then go and fetch the other IS and make CRAB IS BABA IS YOU. Now the crab near the flag turns into BABA and you can reach the flag.

03 Affection:

Just push LOVE up to make LOVE IS MOVE. Then head right and collide with the heart. If you want to make sure you don’t have to chase it, stay in place and press the spacebar to move it out of the enclosure. Then break up LOVE IS MOVE so it stops moving.

04 Pillar Yard:

Push the pillar all the way to the right until it’s on top of a star. Then move another pillar into it so the first pillar gets pushed up directly next to the flag. Move PILLAR down to replace BABA so you get PILLAR IS YOU. Then just move right into the flag.

05 Brick Wall:

Just move IS and WIN vertically below BABA so you have BABA IS YOU and BABA IS WIN!

06 Lock:

Push the key into the first door to unlock it. Then go through the rock and push the next key into the second door to unlock it. Push ROCK out and down to where it says KEY IS OPEN and KEY IS PUSH. Replace KEY with ROCK so you have ROCK IS OPEN and ROCK IS PUSH. Then just push the rock to the last door to open it. Head to the flag to complete the level.

07 Novice Locksmith:

Maneuver the blocks around so you get both KEY IS OPEN and KEY IS PUSH. Then push the key through the door to unlock it. Move PUSH to replace SHUT so you get DOOR IS PUSH and then push the door out of the way and touch the flag.

08 Locked In:

Move the STOP away from both JELLY and WALL. Then make WALL IS JELLY. Go through the jellyfish wall. There’s no flag, so push IS and WIN down to make BABA IS WIN vertically. Yay!

09 Changeless:

Push ROCK IS ROCK far enough to the right that you can break up the sentence. Then move FLAG to make ROCK IS FLAG. The rock will turn into a flag and you can touch it to win.

10 Two Doors:

The easy way to do this is to move DOOR and IS and YOU to make KEY IS DOOR IS YOU. Now the key is a door and also you and you can push FLAG right to make FLAG IS WIN. Then just touch the flag to win.

I did this is a much more complicated way at first. Push DOOR IS SHUT directly up next to KEKE IS YOU. Then push DOOR left to make DOOR IS YOU. As the door, inch everything closer to KEY. Keep going back and forth between KEKE and DOOR until you can make KEY IS YOU without killing yourself. Then, as the key, push FLAG right to make FLAG IS WIN. Now touch the flag to win!

11 Jelly Throne:

Push JELLY and IS above BABA to make JELLY IS BABA. Now the jellyfish is Baba and you can control both Babas. Move FLAG to replace JELLY and make FLAG IS WIN. Then have the top Baba run into the flag to win.

12 Crab Storage:

Push IS and OPEN to the left to make FLAG IS OPEN. Then use the flag to open the door. Move IS and BABA under the top BABA to make another BABA IS YOU. Then move CRAB up to make CRAB IS WIN. Then touch the crab to win!

13 Burglary:

Push IS and SHUT up to make WALL IS SHUT. Push IS and OPEN up under STAR to make STAR IS OPEN. Push the star up through the wall (not the door!). Push KEY up to make KEY IS WIN. Push the other KEY up or down to break up KEY IS DEFEAT. Now you can touch the key an win!

Extra 01 Submerged Ruins:

This one’s complex. Push the rock right up next to CRAB. Then move ROCK and IS and PUSH up all the way to the left, right above BABA IS YOU. Push ROCK down to make ROCK IS YOU. As the rock, head left and push ROCK back up to make BABA IS YOU again. As Baba, push the rock onto the flag. Now, push CRAB right to make FLAG IS WIN. Push ROCK down to make ROCK IS YOU. And that’s it! You’re already on the flag.

Extra 02 Sunken Temple:

This is similar to Submerged Ruins, but you have no choice but to push the rock and jellyfish into the words, moving them to the right. But, do as before and get ROCK IS PUSH over BABA IS YOU. Push ROCK down to make ROCK IS YOU. As the rock, head left and push BABA up to make BABA IS YOU again. As Baba, push the rock onto the crab. Then push ROCK IS PUSH vertically alongside the crab so that PUSH is to the left of the crab. Now you can push PUSH, which will push the rock between the crab and the flag. Push ROCK back to make ROCK IS YOU. As the rock again, go right onto the flag to win.

And that’s all for The Lake! Click here for Solitary Island.

Words & Rules | Overworld Levels 0 – 10 | The Lake | Solitary Island | Temple Ruins | Forest of Fall | Deep Forest | Rocket Trip | Flower Garden | Volcanic Cavern | Chasm | Review |

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