Baba is You: Rocket Trip (Space) Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

Baba is You
By: Hempuli / Arvi Trikari

Baba is You is a ridiculously innovative puzzle game where you push words around like blocks and see how they interact with each other. Sadly, it’s not available on iOS yet, but it’s a testament to how much I’m enjoying it that I’m willing to play on my PC. I’ve been recording my playthrough, but I also started making straight walkthrough videos for those who don’t want to watch me figure things out. This page will get you through all the levels in the Rocket Trip area. Click on the links for the other areas if this isn’t what you’re looking for. If you need help with levels I haven’t added yet, feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Words & Rules | Intro Levels 0 -7 | The Lake | Solitary Island | Temple Ruins | Forest of Fall | Deep Forest | Rocket Trip | Flower Garden | Volcanic Cavern | Chasm | Review |

Rocket Trip:

I’ll be adding a video once I’ve solved all the levels in this area. Until then, you can use my text instructions.

01 Empty:

This has multiple solutions, but the easiest is just to make EMPTY IS FLAG and then touch any of the flags around you.

02 Lonely Flag:

Make DOOR IS EMPTY. Then make EMPTY IS BABA and touch the flag without breaking up BABA IS YOU in the process.

03 Babas Are You:

This was changed, so here’s how to solve it now. Carefully make ROCK IS EMPTY IS BABA. Then use the upper Babas to make ICE IS WIN. Touch the ice to win.

(Old solution: Try to break up EMPTY IS BABA as quick as possible, or you’ll have trouble moving words around. Then make ROCK IS BABA. As the new Baba, make ICE IS WIN. Then touch the ice to win.)

04 Please Hold My Key:

Push BABA IS YOU left, leave one space between the cloud and BABA. Push IS up into that space. Push the key across to land on YOU. Push IS up and out of the way. Push BABA IS YOU right until the key is on BABA. Then push the key onto YOU again. Keep doing this until the key is right in front of the door. Then make KEY IS OPEN. Push the key through the door to open it. Touch the flag to win!

05 Horror Story:

Push the rocket right. Then make EMPTY IS YOU. Now you’re all the empty space. Move down to move the rocket down and also make BABA IS YOU again. Now, as Baba, touch the flag to win.

06 Aiming High:

Push the spare IS down to the left of the IS IN CLOUD IS STOP. Use the walls to line up the two Babas vertically with one space between them. Use the two Babas to push CLOUD and STOP left. The second IS should allow you to keep CLOUD IS STOP intact. Push CLOUD IS STOP up so STOP is in line with BABA. Push the extra IS up to make BABA IS STOP. Move both Babas through the gap to the other side. Use the clouds and walls to align them vertically with a space between them, and the top one over right one space. Then use the top one to push the moon onto the bottom one. Move up against the top of the screen so you get one Baba right below the moon and one directly to the right of it. Then just push the moon onto the star to turn it into dust. Make DUST IS WIN and touch the dust to win.

07 Trio:

Make KEKE AND ME IS PUSH. Then push MOVE to the left of Me and push it right, so it lands under Keke. Push Keke right onto Me again. Keep doing this until they’re safely on the cloud. Then, while keeping ME IS PUSH, make KEKE AND ME IS MOVE. Press spacebar and wait until they come back, facing left, and are right before the gap. Then break up ME IS PUSH. Keke will fall into the gap, head left and break up SKULL IS DEFEAT. Now you, as Baba, can touch the flag to win.

08 Bottleneck:

Still working on this! I know I need to make EMPTY IS PUSH and then push a star onto the belt. But I keep coming up short one spot, so there must be a detail I’m overlooking.

09 Platformer:

Make KEY IS UFO. Then make UFO IS PUSH again. Push one ufo to the right of the piece of wall Keke is standing on. Then push KEY directly to the right of the ufo. Push Keke over the ufo and onto KEY. Push the other ufo under UFO IS PUSH. Push the whole thing down through the clouds so you can access the second ufo. Push that ufo onto the bottom right piece of ice. Push the first ufo up and around to the right of KEY. Use the ufo and KEY to push Keke onto the ice. Push Keke off the first ufo and onto the second ufo. Then go around and push Keke onto the door. Now, push the first ufo and KEY down to the right of UFO IS PUSH. Get under them and push one of them under PUSH. Then push it all up so you can reach IS. Head back around and move IS and OPEN to make KEKE IS OPEN. Keke will automatically open the door. Now go through and touch the flag to win!

10 The Pit:

Working on this!

11 Heavy Words:

Working on this!

12 Guardians:

Still working on this!

More coming soon!

Words & Rules | Intro Levels 0 -7 | The Lake | Solitary Island | Temple Ruins | Forest of Fall | Deep Forest | Rocket Trip | Flower Garden | Volcanic Cavern | Chasm | Review |

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  1. Andrew Frisina

    I know how to solve #6. Bring the Is that you use to make Dust Is Win down next to Baba is You and use both Is to slide Baba and You closer to Cloud is Stop. Then move Cloud is Stop up and make Baba is Stop. Then get the Babas over to the moon, then drop the moon onto one Baba, and move both Babas up to the ceiling. After that push the moon over to the star and drop it on the star. Then put the Is back into Dust is Win and finish the level.

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