Baba is You: Chasm Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

Baba is You
By: Hempuli / Arvi Trikari

Baba is You is a ridiculously innovative puzzle game where you push words around like blocks and see how they interact with each other. Sadly, it’s not available on iOS yet, but it’s a testament to how much I’m enjoying it that I’m willing to play on my PC. I’ve been working on a walkthrough as I make my way through the game. This page will get you through all the levels in the Chasm area. Click on the links for the other areas if this isn’t what you’re looking for. If you need help with levels I haven’t added yet, feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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A Rocky Prison:

This is a weird one. Make ALL IS SKULL IS YOU. Then, push against the edges of the screen to free WIN. Also, condense yourself into fewer skulls. Then make ALL IS WIN.

B Siege:

Push MORE down to make ROCK IS MORE. Continue pushing MORE down to break it up so you only get a total of five rocks. Now, make ROCK IS PUSH. Push the three rocks through the water to make a safe path through. Push BABA IS YOU left once. Push AND and MORE through the path in the water and make BABA IS YOU AND MORE. Then just keep going down and right until the Babas can make it over the belt and to the flag.

C Elusive Condition:

First, push ALL left to break up HAND IS ALL with minimal stars left over. Then push all the words up to make HAND IS YOU, ALL IS EMPTY, and HAND IS HAND. Then take ALL and IS down to WIN and make ALL IS WIN. Yay!

D Treasury:

Push the rock right, and then under the key. Push MORE right to make KEY IS MORE and continue pushing it to make KEY IS PUSH. Now you have four keys. Break up ROCK IS PUSH. Push the top key right and the middle key down onto the rock. Now push the left key to the door to unlock it. Touch the flag to win.

E Looking for a Heart:

Still working on this!

F Lava Flood:

Push IS down on top of the flag to protect it from the lava. Then break up FLAG IS MELT. Now you can push the IS back up to make FLAG IS WIN again. Touch the flag to win.

H Floodgates:

Still working on this!

Extra 01 Metacognition:

First, avoid making BABA IS DEFEAT. Then, make KEY IS YOU. Then make KEY IS WORD. Now, you can line up one of the keys with IS OPEN and it will act as KEY IS OPEN. Now you can open the door with one key and touch the flag with the other key.

Extra 02 Multitool:

Push ROCK up to break up ROCK IS HOT. Push IS PUSH to the right of the rock and it will act as ROCK IS PUSH. Push the whole rule left and then push it back right. Inch it up a bit at a time and make KEKE IS ROCK using the rock as a stand-in. Now you have two rocks! Make ROCK IS PUSH and then push the extra rock under the left ROCK to make ROCK IS HOT with the rock standing in as ROCK. Now, push the leftover rock together with IS PUSH, so it remains ROCK IS PUSH, all the way down to break the box and reveal the flag. Touch the flag to win!

Extra 03 Broken:

As the title suggests, this level is a bit broken! Text can’t be pushed, so you have to get creative. Push the rock through the ice portal and make ICE IS ROCK by pushing the rock on top of TELE. Push one rock on top of WIN and then another on top of ICE. You should now have ROCK IS TELE. Now, carefully push the third rock on top of PUSH. But pay attention to where WIN is. You don’t want to push the rock away from it. So use the spacebar to wait for when WIN is on either of the rocks you’re not pushing. Then just jump from rock to rock until you land on one at the same time that ROCK IS WIN is formed.

Alternate solution: Push the rock onto the IS in TEXT IS NOT PUSH. Then go through the ice teleporter and push the other rock onto ICE to make ROCK IS TELE. Keep pushing to break up ROCK IS TELE. Now you can push WIN up to make ROCK IS PUSH. Touch the rock to win.

Extra 04 Alley:

Make ROCK IS PUSH vertically. Then, push the rock down and make rock IS PUSH. Push ROCK up to make ROCK IS WORD. Make WATER IS PUSH vertically. Push the rightmost water and rock right. Then push WATER down to make WATER IS SINK. Break up WATER IS PUSH and push the left rock into the left water to sink both. Make WATER IS PUSH again. Push one water to the left of the rock in rock IS PUSH. Push the other water up and out of the way. Break up WATER IS PUSH. Push rock IS PUSH left onto the water to sink the rock and water. Now you can pass the last rock to touch the moon and win.

Extra 05 Keke and the Star:

This is a cool one, but it’s a bit tricky to pull off. First, push BABA IS YOU down once. Make LAVA IS YOU along with the BABA IS YOU that’s already there. Then, push LAVA IS YOU right to make BABA IS LAVA. LAVA IS YOU should be lined up with the skulls and you should have two lavas now. Now here comes the hard part. Push LAVA IS YOU right before the skulls. Push IS and WORD below LAVA, leaving a space between LAVA and IS. Now, get above LAVA and push it down to make LAVA IS WORD. You’ll, in effect, make LAVA IS YOU and now one lava can float over the skulls, bringing IS YOU with it. Push IS YOU right, making KEKE IS YOU. Now, as Keke, touch the star to win.

Extra 06 Visiting Baba:

Still working on this!

Extra 07 Automated Doors:

Working on this!

More coming soon!

Words & Rules | Overworld Levels 0 – 10 | The Lake | Solitary Island | Temple Ruins | Forest of Fall | Deep Forest | Rocket Trip | Flower Garden | Volcanic Cavern | Chasm | ??? | Mountaintop | Review |

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  1. Matt

    Floodgates: you need to push the loose wall tiles and the words STAR IS MORE around to block the star expansion and guide them to the heart while blocking paths to the skulls.

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