Photographs – Puzzle Stories: The Athlete Walkthrough Guide

Photographs – Puzzle Stories
By: EightyEight Games LTD / Luca Redwood

Photographs is the latest game by You Must Build a Boat developer, Luca Redwood. It’s quite a detour from his usual match-three stuff, though it does have some match-three puzzles in it. While I recommend trying to complete the game on your own without any help, it’s no fun being stuck. So I made this guide with solutions for all the puzzles for anyone who needs them. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 2, The Athlete:

For these puzzles, you need to use the wheels to move the objects. Then press the button to shoot. The goal is to get the girls into the pool.

Puzzle 1:

Photo 1: Jane

Puzzle 2:

Photo 2: Top Score

Puzzle 3:

Photo 3: Long Way Down

Puzzle 4:

Photo 4: Chef’s Spaghetti

Puzzle 5:

Photo 5: Red Shirt

Puzzle 6:

Photo 6: Number 1

Puzzle 7:

Photo 7: Shampoo

Puzzle 8:

Photo 8: Pumping Station

Puzzle 9:

Photo 9: Covert Activity

Puzzle 10:

Photo 10: Lost in Thought

Puzzle 11:

Photo 11: Fresh Beverage

Puzzle 12:

Photo 12: Cleanup

Puzzle 13:

Photo 13: Team GBU

Puzzle 14:

Photo 14: Perfect Ten

Puzzle 15:

Photo 15: Mini Jane

Puzzle 15:

Photo 16: Back on Top

Puzzle 16:

Photo 17: The New Girl

And that’s it! The last puzzle solves itself. Now you can watch the ending. Click here for the Jailer walkthrough.

The Alchemist | The Athlete | The Jailer | The Journalist | The Preventer | Review

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