Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker 2: Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker 2 Tracing the Past
By: Haiku Games Co

Haiku Games is back with another Adventure Escape game! This is the sequel to Trapmaker and is called Trapmaker 2 – Tracing the Past. In the first game, we discovered that Frank Dietch is the Trapmaker! Will Detective Kate Gray finally catch him after he got away? Let’s find out! This walkthrough guide will help you with answers and solutions for all the puzzles in Chapter 4. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 4:

You can watch my video for Chapter 4 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. There’s a lot going on here. First, pick up the spade. Open the closet and take the dried corn from the vacuum cleaner. Look at the photo on the table of Trapmaker and his mom planting a tree. There’s a toy car with the number 38 on it. Look at the Greenwood State Wildlife Map on the wall. Also, look under the tablecloth for a hidden combination lock.

2. Go outside to the garden. Open the grill and take the charcoal. Also, grab the water hose, puzzle piece and hammer. Use the spade to dig up near the tree and then zoom in on the toy car to see the numbers 526. Take a look at the animal carvings on the gate.

3. Attach the garden hose to the water faucet to make the sunflower bloom. Then pick it to get sunflower seeds.

4. Go back inside. Find each of the animals you saw on the fence on the wildlife poster. Make note of their colors. You get:

Squirrel = Light Green
Deer = Orange
Bird = Light Blue
Bird = Light Blue
Fish = Purple
Bear = Red

5. Tap on the locked journal on the couch. Enter the colors in that same order. Then take the puzzle piece from inside.

6. While here, put the two sets of numbers from the toy cars together. 38 and 526 = 38526. Enter that into the table’s combination lock. Take the puzzle piece.

7. Head upstairs. Use the hammer to remove the nails from the loose floorboards and take the puzzle piece. Rub the charcoal on Trapmaker’s notes to get a copy of it. Also, notice the poster that mentions glow-in-the-dark beans. And last, notice the blackboard that shows a sunflower test with all four mice. Only the smallest mouse has checkmarks next to it.

8. Examine the mouse cage. Place the sunflower seeds and dried corn down, as well as the mice notes. We need to figure out which mouse eats which food. Pull the red sheet over then to see that one of them glows in the dark! That must be the one that gets the beans. And the smallest one gets the sunflower seeds. The blackberries have a strong man on the cover, so that must be for the biggest mouse. And then the first one would get the corn. But how many of each? Let’s use the notes to figure that out.

9. The big one gets the most, then the corn one, then the tiny one, and the radioactive one gets the least. So put 3 corn in the first bowl, 2 sunflower seeds in the second bowl, 1 bean in the third bowl, and 4 blackberries in the last bowl. Take the strings lights they dig up and also the puzzle piece.

10. Plug the sting lights into the microscope. We still need something to look at. So let’s first solve the puzzle. Add all the puzzle pieces to it. Then rotate the rods to form an image.

11. Grab the green glowing pollen powder and add it to the microscope. Then rotate each part of it so they all line up. The game rotated it after I solved it, which is odd.

12. Keiko will take an image of the sample. Now for this next puzzle, you need to arrange the pollen samples so each one shares a feature with its adjacent samples.

And that’s the end of Chapter 4! Click here for Chapter 5.

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