Baba is You: Mountaintop Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

Baba is You
By: Hempuli / Arvi Trikari

Baba is You is a ridiculously innovative puzzle game where you push words around like blocks and see how they interact with each other. Sadly, it’s not available on iOS yet, but it’s a testament to how much I’m enjoying it that I’m willing to play on my PC. I’ve been making a walkthrough as a make my way through the game. This page will get you through all the levels in the snowy Mountaintop area. Click on the links for the other areas if this isn’t what you’re looking for. If you need help with levels I haven’t added yet, feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Level 01 Shuffle:

Push SKULL IS DEFEAT up just enough so there’s a space left above SKULL. Then push LONELY BABA IS YOU all the way right. Push LONELY down and then up and to the right to make LONELY SKULL IS DEFEAT. Now you can walk through the skulls and touch the flag to win.

Level 02 Love at First Sight:

This is a tricky one. First, push the two birds left so that one lands on the rubble and one lands to the left of it. Now you can walk over them. Push BIRD IS over the birds, leaving IS directly to the left of the birds. Then push PUSH over and it will make BIRD IS PUSH, allowing you to push the left bird with it. Push PUSH up to both move the bird and break up BIRD IS PUSH. Then make BIRD IS PUSH again, but with the bird outside of it. Push the bird into the ice directly in line with FLAG. Then scramble the words and make BIRD PUSH IS. Push the string of text left to make BIRD IS WIN. Then touch the remaining bird to win.

Level 03 Solitude:

First, push the rock through the gap to the right. Then, make KEY IS PUSH and push the key onto the rock. Push LONELY onto the skull, then make LONELY ROCK IS PUSH. Push the whole string of words up. Make KEY IS OPEN. Go through the rock and key and up and push LONELY left. Now you just have ROCK IS PUSH. Push the rock into the water to make a path. Push the box up onto the key to make a flag. Touch the flag to win!

Level 04 What is Baba?

Working on this.

Level 05 Connector:

This one is crazy. You’re IS. Push BABA and YOU between the two single pieces of wall. Then get in between them to make BABA IS YOU. Now, you can pretty much freely move Baba over to SUN and use him to bring it out over to the rest of the blocks. Now, focus on the other two wall pieces. Push PUSH against the right one and BABA against the top one. Push YOU below BABA to make BABA___YOU. Push SUN so it’s a little to the left of the rest of the words. Now, get in between BABA and YOU to make BABA IS YOU. Use Baba to push SUN right to make SUN IS SHUT. Now, use Baba to open the sun. Then, as text again, push TEXT down to make TEXT IS WIN. That’s it!

Level 06, Floaty Platforms:

Push all the rocks so they’re in line with the second column in each platform. Then push them all down to make rock bridges over the gaps. Break up ROCK IS PUSH, but make sure you can still access two of the words. Head over both bridges and push the key and door into the gap in the middle, making sure they’re lined up. Push ROCK IS over the bridge. Then push ROCK IS into the key and use it to push the key into the door. The door will turn into a flag and you can touch it to win!

Level 07, Seeking Acceptance:

Working on this.

Level 08, Tectonic Movements:

This one’s hard to explain in text, so you may want to wait for my video. But you want to push the top pillar through the gap to the left of it and push it down to right over the gap leading to FLAG IS WIN. Then head up through the gap at the top and break up PILLAR IS PUSH. Take one of the words with you down to the lower gap and push it left past the pillar. Go down and make FLAG IS WIN. Then continue past the pillar and push the word through the cloud to make a path. Touch the flag to win!

Extra 01 The Floatiest Platforms:

Working on this.

More coming soon!

Words & Rules | Overworld Levels 0 – 10 | The Lake | Solitary Island | Temple Ruins | Forest of Fall | Deep Forest | Rocket Trip | Flower Garden | Volcanic Cavern | Chasm | ??? | Mountaintop | Review |

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