Alt-Frequencies: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 3, Police and Politics:

First, copy the stabiliser sound from Winston.

Then, go to Unknown Frequency 110.1 FM and wait until you see Detective Turay’s name. Upload the stabiliser sound to unscramble the frequency and hear what she’s saying. Copy the message about some citizens being immune to the time loop.

Now, just send that message to your favorite radio show. I’m not sure if your choice affects the next chapter, but you do get a different achievement depending on which you go with.

Select the chapter you need below or click here for Chapter 4.

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  1. Kay

    When playing through this game on the same file a second time, Winston’s messages are different. Either this is a glitch, or a second playthrough has different gameplay.

  2. Katrina

    yeah, im stuck on chapter 2, second time playing.

  3. Katrina

    Yes, I have tried to play it a 2nd time but the statements etc are all different, not sure how to proceed from chapter 2(which, incidentally has the same title as the 1st time round)

    1. maya

      had the same issue of the chapter 2 messages on the pirate radio station being different when i started a new game which made progress impossible. had to delete and re-install the app (doesn’t wipe achievement progress) and it works now

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