Alt-Frequencies: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 5, Loop well, we’ll meet again:

Choose whether you want to stay or go. Then copy the lyrics from the song on Campus Radio or Talk Radio.

Then send the message to Public Announcement 105.9 FM to tell them your decision. And that’s it!

And that’s the end of the game! Feel free to go back and change your decisions to see different paths. And also, make sure to check out my Achievements Guide if you’re missing any of those.

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  1. Kay

    When playing through this game on the same file a second time, Winston’s messages are different. Either this is a glitch, or a second playthrough has different gameplay.

  2. Katrina

    yeah, im stuck on chapter 2, second time playing.

  3. Katrina

    Yes, I have tried to play it a 2nd time but the statements etc are all different, not sure how to proceed from chapter 2(which, incidentally has the same title as the 1st time round)

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