Luna Strange: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Luna Strange
By: Fantastic, yes

Luna Strange is a new episodic room escape game from Fantastic, yes, the makers of Returner 77 and Returner Zhero. Right now, only one episode is available, but since there are no hints in the game, it can be difficult at times to figure out what to do next. So this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Note: There are hidden symbols you can look for which allow you to skip puzzles. I might add their locations later. Also, the game is very buggy at the moment. If you do play, finish it in one sitting or it may break.

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Episode 1, Get the Book:

You can watch my video for Episode 1 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. First look at the shimmering pages to the right. Swipe two fingers horizontally to see a clue. Also, grab the tarot card. Then open the drawer and take the cylinder.

2. Look to the right to see an angel statue holding a box. Zoom in on it all the way and swipe two fingers to use magic and open it. Take the honeycomb object inside.

3. Head right and make note of the time on the clock. The hour hand is on II (2) and the minute hand is on XI (11).

4. Continue right and open the cabinet. Insert the cylinder into the puzzle. Now, you need to rotate two gears at a time until all three have their green lights lit. Then take the cylinder back.

5. To the right of this, find a small metal piece resting on a book above a vase. Take it.

6. Head across the room to the desk. Place the metal piece in the slot on the wooden box to unlock it. We still need something else, so we’ll come back to it later.

7. While here, open the top right drawer and get the mechanical bird figurine.

8. Turn left to see a cat. Head towards it. Place the bird on the wooden branch and then use magic to bring it to life. The cat will get distracted and now you can take the crank by its feet.

9. Head towards the big spinning rings where the book is floating. Look at the right wall all the way at the back. There’s a painting with a bird, angel, woman and cat and zodiac symbols next to each. Take a photo or note down the symbols.

10. Use the crank/key you got from the cat to unlock the safe behind the photo. Use magic on the shimmery substance behind it to reveal another puzzle.

11. This puzzle is fairly simple. Just move the pieces around so that the yellow lines line up with the pink lines. Then take the cylinder.

12. Head back a bit and open the cabinets to the right of the painting. Place the tarot card down and a bunch of others will appear. Locate any that you recognize from the painting. Keep them where they are. Then place four others in the slots and press the buttons to turn them over. Do this until you have all four cards you need.

13. Now, insert the honeycomb object in the slot to unlock another puzzle. This one is fairly easy. It’s a variant of the Bridges of K╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├▓├│nigsberg puzzle. You need to move the black disc around the board, hitting every symbol without getting stuck. Then take the hexagon object back.

14. Open the cylinder in your bag and turn it to the side with lots of green gems. Double-tap to zoom in and then solve the puzzle. You need to make all the gems light up.

15. Now, solve the next puzzle. You need to rotate the tiles so the light from the first gem reaches the other two gems.

16. Now, find the table leg with the purple marble. Insert the honeycomb object in the slot and then insert the green cylinder into the hole on the table. Take the purple marble.

17. Go back to the box you unlocked earlier and place the marble in the slot. Solve the maze puzzle. Then insert the cylinder to charge it up and remove it.

18. Zoom in on the cylinder in your bag and solve the puzzle by rotating the two disks until the wavelength match up.

19. Insert the cylinder in the hole below the clock on the table. Then change the time on the clock to match the time on the other clock you saw, just upside-down. So the small hand should be on VIII and the big hand should be on V.

20. Take the book to complete the episode!

And that’s all that’s available now. Check back here when more episodes are added.

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