Alt-Frequencies: Achievements Guide

By: Plug In Digital / Accidental Queens

Alt-Frequencies is a really interesting game by Accidental Queens, the makers of A Normal Lost Phone. You need to listen to radio stations on time loops and copy messages to then send to another radio station. A big part of it is listening closely to figure out what each radio station is offering or looking for. This part of the guide will help you find all the achievements. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Achievements

Stay Tuned: Complete the tutorial.

(Self explanatory.)

Know It All: Ask A. None a relevant (???) question.

(Found in Chapter 1. Go to News One 85.3 FM and record the message from Fred Peterson about farmers turned pharmacists. Then go back to Talk Radio 100.1 FM and ask A. None the question. You’ll get a fun response!)

The Show Must Go On: Suggest a cure for Michelle’s flu.

(Found in Chapter 1. Go to 85.3 FM News One and copy the message from Tommy Begay about a special mix of herbs that eradicated any chance of the flu. Then go to 91.5 Fresh FM and upload the message to Michelle who’s suffering from the flu.)

It’s Monday!: Complete chapter one.

(Self explanatory.)

Who Let the Dogs Out?: Have Sadie be broadcasted on another frequency.

(Found in Chapter 2. Go to Talk Radio 100.1 FM and record Sadie barking. Then send it to Campus Radio Amentos 95.7 FM.)

Students, Experts and Tall Tales: Complete chapter two.

(Self explanatory.)

RMB-1 Scoop: Talk Radio: You sent the RMB-1 scoop to Talk Radio.

(Found in Chapter 3. Send the information you found to Talk Radio.)

RMB-1 Scoop: News One: You sent the RMB-1 scoop to News One.

(Found in Chapter 3. Send the information you found to News One.)

RMB-1 Scoop: Fresh FM: You sent the RMB-1 scoop to Fresh FM.

(Found in Chapter 3. Send the information you found to Fresh FM.)

Baby Monitor Hacker: Disturb Fred with the voice of his manager Margot.

(Found in Chapter 3. This one’s a little complicated. Copy the stabiliser sound from Winston. Then go to Unknown Frequency 110.1 FM and wait for the Baby to appear. Upload the stabiliser sound to hear the baby crying. Then you need to copy the message of the baby crying and upload it to the same frequency. That will cause the baby to laugh and then Margot will appear. You can copy any dialogue from her. Then send it to Fred Peterson at News One.)

Failed Musician: Shame Ennis with his past.

(Found in Chapter 3. It’s simple. Just go to 91.5 Fresh FM and copy part of Ennis’ song. Then, go to 100.1 FM Talk Radio and send it to Ennis.)

Police and Politics: Complete chapter three.

(Self explanatory.)

Kaya’s List:

(Found in Chapter 4, Part 1. Choose to copy the message from Kaya instead of Jenni.)

Jenni’s List:

(Found in Chapter 4, Part 1. Choose to copy the message from Jenni instead of Kaya.)

Which Part is Looping?: Learn about the Landing Plane.

(Found in Chapter 4, Part 1. Go to 91.5 Fresh FM and copy Michelle’s question, “So if we’re in a time loop, which part is looping?” Then send it to Fred at News One and he’ll talk about the plane.)

The Raid: Complete chapter four part one.

(Self explanatory.)

Kinky Danceparties: Confuse Ennis with the nature of your offer.

(Copy the second set of instructions from Kaya and send them to Ennis.)

The Vote: Complete chapter four part two.

(Self explanatory.)

Time Won’t Make Us Forget: Reveal the new voice of the resistance.

(Found in Chapter 5. For it to work, you need to have used Jenni’s list in Chapter 4. Go to News One 85.3 FM and copy Tommy Begay’s message about the protestor’s sign that says “TIME WON’T MAKE US FORGET.” Then, send it to 110.1 FM the Unknown Frequency and Jenni will respond! )

Temporal Paradox: Spoil Ennis’ new song.

(Found in Chapter 5. Copy part of Ennis’ song and then play it back to him in the next time loop before he starts playing it again.)

The Strength to Let Us Stay: You stayed in the time loop.

(Found in Chapter 5. Copy the Let Us Stay song lyrics and send them to Amal McMillan.)

Let Me Go: You left the time loop.

(Found in Chapter 5. Copy the Let Me Go song lyrics and send them to Amal McMillan.)

Loop well, we’ll meet again: Complete chapter five.

(Self explanatory.)

And that’s everything!

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