The Lost Ship (Expansion): Complete Walkthrough Guide

31. Go back to Scene 12 and place the medallion in the slot. Rotate it so the face is upright. Then look inside the mouth of the statue and take the ruby and pewter key.

32. Go back to Scene 22 and place the ruby in the skull’s eye. Then take the small cylinder from its mouth.

33. Go back to Scene 27 and use the pewter key to unlock the door. Go through to Scene 32.

34. Pick up the cannonball and the large lever. Then leave the room.

35. Go back to Scene 29 and attach the pewter handle to the door. Go through to Scene 31.

36. Pick up the heavy weight. Examine the music box on the table. Add the small cylinder to it and then take the brass key. Then, examine the button on the floor. Place the cannonball on it to hold it down. We still need something to place in the hole.

37. Go back to Scene 30. Attach the weight to the rope to open the hatch. Then go down to Scene 33.

38. Use the lever with the water pump to drain all the water out of the room. There’s a puzzle on the floor but we need more information before we can solve it.

39. Go back to Scene 24. There’s a hidden door in the floor. Use the brass key to unlock it and take the bucket from inside.

40. Go back to Scene 3 and attach the bucket to the rope on the well. Lower it and then take back the bucket full of water.

41. Go back to Scene 9 and pour the water into the jar. Solve the pipes puzzle.

42. Go back down to Scene 6 and then left to Scene 8. Pull the lever to open a small hatch. Take the brass plate from inside and look at it for a clue.

43. Go back to Scene 33 and solve the puzzle using the clue from the brass plate. Then take the crank tool.

44. Go back to Scene 31 and place the crank tool on the peg in the floor by the cannonball. Turn it a few times and then take the sword.

45. Go back to Scene 22 and place the sword behind the shield on the wall. Solve the puzzle behind it to open the safe and then take the crank handle.

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  1. Bette

    On the expansion, iΓÇÖm Having a problem with the hearts, spades etc . CanΓÇÖt figure out the clue!

    1. Salim

      It’s in the tree house, just sort them the same way as the picture.

      I’m stuck after I sailed to the island, I can’t figure out what to do next. Any ideas?

      1. Laura

        The photo and the puzzle donΓÇÖt seem to match up at all. IΓÇÖm really confused about the card suits puzzle

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I just added the solution. Refresh the page if you donΓÇÖt see it.

          1. Jonny

            Thanks for this article, I love how quick it is, but I do not for the life of me understand how you solved the card puzzle. If it’s ok, could you explain how you got your answer? Thanks

      2. Bette

        Check your inventory, & look everywhere. There is a rock when you start up. Look at it!

    2. raven0ak

      clue tells what houses are next to each other, example top left shows line of 3, that’s your start point

  2. IB2ChillE

    So it seems that the only way to continue successfully is to start over from the beginning. After the update, the new areas were available, but some of the necessary tools had already disappeared when they were no longer needed, such as the crowbar.

    1. Bette

      You should still have the crowbar! Did you take the new path, right of the ship?

  3. Franco

    Me perdi después de colocar el espejo en la piedra más alta y que la luz rebota en otro espejo y entrará dentro del templo maya

    1. Jonathan Rivas

      Amigo estoy atorado segui los puntos del post pero no encuentro del 67 al 75 ayuda

  4. Andrew

    You skipped points from 67 to 75 in the walkthrough

  5. Frau K

    Where do I find the 4th brass for the wardrobe scene 45? I miss your description number 73 to 76. I think there is the answer for my question.

  6. Frank

    Stuck with finding the brass objects 🙁
    Just found 3 of them…

  7. Eneko

    I need the number 74 and 75, I cant find the last piece of the puzzle

  8. Eneko

    You have to add the number 74 and 75 because I cant find the last piece of the brass objects

  9. Jonathan Rivas

    Were is the 67 to 75 points???

    1. AppUnwrapper

      ItΓÇÖs complete. Refresh the page if itΓÇÖs not showing.

  10. Marji

    Solved the blue and green gem puzzle but I have no hand crank to put in the slot.

  11. bghioudd

    67. get the hand crank and put it in the hole

  12. Eneko

    I cant complete the puzzle of scene 60

  13. Ronaldo GS

    On step 46, take back the crank you used to open the door. Then you can use it to continue from the last step.

  14. Ronaldo GS

    I commented before to try to help completing the walkthrough, but it seems you’ve already done it.
    Nice work.

  15. Kaz

    I cannot solve puzzle 52 I’m still left with 3 pegs. I even went to this walk through site and followed your instructions but to no avail!! Enjoying the game though╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö£Γò¥

  16. Melissa

    For Step 85 above I don’t have the new puzzle appearing. I’ve done everything else you list above that. Any ideas?

  17. GWilliams

    I don’t know where to find the hand crank

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