Faraway: Tropic Escape – Walkthrough Guide

Faraway: Tropic Escape
By: Snapbreak Games / Pine Studio

Pine Studio is back with another adventure game from the Faraway series. This time, you explore a tropical island in Tropic Escape. The hardest part of these games is finding all the letters, so I’ll mostly be focusing on those in this guide. But if you get stuck, this walkthrough should help you. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 |

Level 1:

You can watch my walkthrough for Level 1 here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Walk straight ahead and pull the door down. Then continue through.

2. Pull the lever to the right and grab the first letter.

3. Continue on and rotate the gold piece around the wheel to move the raft ahead. Get off.

4. Break the barrel to the left and grab the second note.

5. Look at the black-and-white clue on the left and copy it over onto the buttons on the right. Then continue on through the open door.

6. Pick up the portal tile but don’t use it yet! Look at the pattern on it.

7. Go back and copy that pattern into the buttons.

8. Now another black-and-white pattern appears. Copy it into the buttons to get the third letter.

9. Now place the tile over the portal and go through to complete the level.

And here are all three notes from Level 1:

Click on the level you need below or click hereto continue to the Level 2 walkthrough.

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  1. Vandit Shah

    For the 3rd letter in level 2, go back to where you got the gold bit in step 2, then click on the 2 and 3 leaf plants according to the pattern on the final tile.

  2. Cliff

    if anyone knows where the first secret tile is, please post…a bunch of us on Discord are going crazy looking for it

    1. Sleepmeower

      You have to change the tiles on the right to look like the portal tile (top down, left to right: row 1, dark, light, dark; row 2, dark, light, dark; row 3, light, light, dark; row 4, dark, dark, dark).

      1. Cliff

        Thanks, but I was referring to the first of 3 secret tiles in the game. We finally found it after 4 days of frantic searching

        1. Dave

          Where did you find it? Im searching for days now. Found the other too in level 14 and 16 but not the first one

  3. Bethwoo

    Stuck on 3rd note level 15. Also heard something about secret tiles? Anyone know what this is?

    1. Sarah

      IΓÇÖm going crazy trying to find the 3rd note in level 15. Anyone know?

    2. Cliff

      Yes, there are 3 too secret tiles. They are all hidden in chests…and there is a secret area hidden in 1 of the levels too. Join us on Discord if you want to know more!

      1. Beth

        How do I find you on discord? Downloaded app but canΓÇÖt find anything on it

        1. Leah

          Hey Beth…did you find the discord group….I’ve been searching to no avail

      2. FanOfA.

        hi Cliff! i can’t visit discord on the Chinese internet… is the hidden area in level 8? did you guys figure out how to open the door behind the waterfall?

  4. Sarah

    I am going crazy trying to find the 3rd note in level 15. Anyone able to help??

    1. Cliff

      HereΓÇÖs what you have to do to get the 3rd note in 15. Restart the level and play until you can control the giant pillar. You have to raise and lower the pillar for 3 seconds without allowing it to go all the way down or all the way up. Good luck!

      1. Sarah

        Thank you!!! I’m stumped as to how anyone figured that out 🤷‍♀️. I appreciate your help.

  5. Jkx

    Did anyone notice the hidden symbols on level 4? It is on the rock after you solve the puzzles in the right room DonΓÇÖt know what it is .

    1. Beans McBeans

      Ik this is incredibly late, but idk if/when this site will be updated. The symbols on the sand appear to be a tic-tac-toe type grid with Certain spaces filled: top right, middle left, bottom middle. Three circles (?) in a line across the top.

  6. FanOfA.

    Hello! Does anyone know where the second note in level 4 is? i’m in China so i can’t browse much foreign content on the net, probably can’t use discord… (sad

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