The Birdcage 2: Griffin Pack Walkthrough Guide

Level 27:

1. Turn left. Pull the two handles apart and take the pentagon. Then rotate the whole cylinder and pull the handles apart again. Place the pentagon on the slot and take the handle from inside.

2. Continue left and find all three gems. Place the handle in the slot and pull it to the other side. Take the red tile.

3. Use your magic wand to reveal the clue.

4. Continue left and place the tile down.

5. Continue left and press the square button because you see a red square. Then rotate the disc to reveal another shape and press that one. When all the shapes are gone, a new puzzle will be revealed.

6. Complete the maze puzzle.

7. Now, you have a series of Simon Says mini games. Use the wand to reveal the clue, which will be a series of shapes. Then press those same buttons in that order. It goes:

Circle, Square, Triangle.
Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle.
Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

Take the red tile.

8. Go back right and place the red tile down. Now, move the numbers around to match the clue you saw earlier. Take the key.

9. Read the secret scroll and use the key to unlock the cage and release the griffin.

Level 28:


More coming soon!

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