Meridian 157: Prologue – Complete Walkthrough Guide

16. Zoom in on the house. Use the crowbar to remove the wooden planks from the door to the basement. Go through.

17. Grab the scuba tank. Then go up the stairs. Open the drawer to the left to see a scribbled piece of paper. Use the eraser on it. You need to swipe your finger around until you see the numbers 5416. Take a photo of it.

18. Go back and find the locked chest in the back. Enter 5416 exactly the way you saw it on the note and then take the bolt cutters.

19. Leave through the door and head to the locked gate. Use the bolt cutters to cut the chain and go through.

20. Continue ahead through the tunnel until you find a crank resting on a box. Pick it up and go back.

21. Go back to where you found the crowbar. Zoom in on the telephone pole and attach the crank. Turn it and then take the key and take a photo of the arrows clue.

22. Go back to the tunnel and enter the control room to the right. Use the arrows clue to solve the control panel levers puzzle. This is a really annoying puzzle, but this is how I understand it. The first lever starts at the top position because there’s four Up arrows. Then the three Right arrows tell you to move to the fourth lever. The two Down arrows tell you to move that lever two spots below the first lever. Then the one Right arrow tells you to go to the fifth lever. The one Up arrow tells you to move the lever up one position from the fourth lever. The two Left arrows tell you to go back to the third lever. The two Down arrows tell you to push that lever down two positions below the fifth lever. The one Left arrow tells you to go to the second lever. And last, the two Up arrows tell you to push that lever two positions above the third lever. Yeah, it’s confusing. Hope that made sense!

23. Go back to the fork in the road and take the right path. Pick up the hose on your way. Keep going. The drawbridge should now be down and you can cross.

24. Keep going until you see a treehouse. Climb up and zoom in on the desk. Take the medium-sized ring from the wall. Also, attach the rope to the grappling hook and take it. Read the journal if you’d like.

25. Go back through the tunnel and then use the grappling hook to climb up to the lighthouse window.

26. Climb up the stairs and then climb up the ladder. Use the key to unlock the hatch and climb through.

27. Go through the open door and pick up the large ring.

28. Go back and then head down the stairs. Pick up the old lens from the desk. Then open the door and leave.

29. Go back to the treehouse. Add the lens to the telescope and then look around for three numbers — red 9, yellow 2, blue 3.

30. Go back to the control room in the tunnel. Use the right/left arrows to change the colors of the numbers and then change the numbers to match the ones you saw. Then take the small ring and scuba mask.

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  1. Gaia

    Lisa help me out here – where the f*** is the wetsuit…?! I must be going blind because I can’t find it! It’s not in the locker.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It should be in the locker. If you accidentally tapped on the sheet of paper, tap somewhere around it so it goes away.

  2. Game77

    Anyone else not able to change the colours to unlock the box?

    1. Alex

      Have you tapped on the arrows either side of the colors? They move the colors horizontally so you keep going till you get red, blue and yellow. They aren’t in the same order as the numbers seen in the telescope. Just select the colors then the numbers for each color and the box will open.

  3. shell

    where is the hose???

    1. Kimberly O'Donnell

      I can’t find the hose either?!?! 🙁

      1. Marianne

        Walk to the treehouse, the hose is on the way on the right side

    2. Mog

      Where Marianne says – the hose is on the fence. It’s yellow.

  4. niina

    The only puzzle I can’t solve:
    Walk through instructions: solve it.
    Me: *throws phone*

    1. Mog

      Me too, that last puzzle. It’s the reason I came here today, to have it solved for me – but all I learnt is that I’m almost at the end of the game. I’ve never been able to do that kind of puzzle except the super easy ones for children, and this isn’t a super easy example of one.

  5. Lisa

    I don’t know where to find the key to open the vault in the lighthouse

    1. Thea

      Hi, couldn’t find it myself but I eventually did. It’s at the place where you found the crowbar right on top of that arrow instructions paper.

  6. Kelly

    Where’s the rope?

    1. Shahram

      On the boat

  7. ddd

    you’re genius

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