Sky: Children of the Light – All Spirit and Wing Locations Guide

Sky: Children of the Light
By: thatgamecompany

Sky: Children of the Light is the latest game by thatgamecompany, and it’s similar to Journey. It’s a massive multiplayer online game (MMO) in which you can fly around beautiful landscapes and join with others to solve simple puzzles. I have a generic guide here, but want to break things down into more specific ones. There are lots of spirits to collect that get added to your constellations and some can be tricky to find. So this guide will show you where they all are. This is a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Isle of Dawn | Daylight Prairie | Hidden Forest | Valley of Triumph | Golden Wasteland | Vault of Knowledge | Seasonal Spirits | Currency Guide | Daily Quests | Review

For each of the spirits, you need to find their starting point and then follow the blue particles to the next one until you get to the statue. Light the statue to free the spirit and learn their expression. Note that you need to worship at the temple at the end of the level to truly add them to your constellation. Once done, you can summon them at Home and buy spells and cosmetics from them.

For the last star in each constellation, you need to full upgrade all the spirits in that constellation.

When looking for spirit, open up your expressions menu to see if any are grayed out the section you’re exploring. That means it’s somewhere around there.

I’m also adding the Winged Lights locations. Look for them at the end of the spirit locations.

Isle of Dawn:

1. Point: This spirit starts off in the cave to left near the end of the first section. Follow him around the cave and then to the other opening.

2. Over Here!: This spirit is hiding behind a rocky structure shown in the photo below. The statue is at the gate leading up to the temple at end of the level.

3. Nope: This one is found on the floating island (temple) that you fly to after calling the birds and butterflies to lift you up. Head to the left and you should see an orange shimmery gate. You need to have found two spirits from Daylight Prairie to get in there or perhaps have a friend take you. The statue is inside the same cave.

Winged Lights:

And here are the 5 Winged Lights in the Isle of Dawn.

The first is somewhat hidden. Climb up the left side of the mountain at the beginning and make your way to the top to find a wing.

For the second one, just go back through the opening in that same mountain. There’s a light right there.

Note: In an upcoming update, this wing is moved down to the ground:

The next is in a cave further on and to the right. You need at least one spirit from this area to access it.

The fourth is at the top of the stairs right before you release a call to fly to the temple. But don’t fly off yet!

The fifth can be seen from the where you’re standing before you release the call. There’s a cave in the distance with clouds between you and it.

Here’s how to get to it. Release a call and fly up to the temple. Then, walk to the right side of the temple and look for a tunnel inside some clouds.

Fly through the tunnel and you’ll land on the island with the wing inside.

Now, there’s two ways to get to it:

1. The easier and less time-consuming way can be done alone, but they might fix it later so you can’t. Just use the clouds to fly up to the top of the cave.

Then look down and find the tunnel opening.

Head through and keep going, paying close attention so you don’t miss the little path that branches off to the right into a little alcove. That’s where you can find the wing! It’s the same wing that used the be there, not a new one. They just moved it.

2. The proper and harder way to get it requires other people. You need to open the two-player door first.

Then have two people light the two stones on the main floor to open the ceiling.

Then have one player get up on the little hill and light the third stone, which will bring the elevator down. Someone has to keep lighting it until the other player gets on the elevator.

Have the person on the elevator light the stone in the center to hold the elevator for the other player. When everyone’s on the elevator, stop lighting it and it will go up.

Get off the elevator on the second floor. Follow the path to another two-player door and unlock it to reveal a jar. Melt the wax cover to let loose the butterflies.

Head back down to the center of the room. Call the butterflies to help carry you up through the ceiling to the top of the cave.

Look for the tunnel and go through.

Follow the path until you see a small path branching off to the right. That leads to an alcove with the wing in it! I already have it, so it’s just a ghost in the photo. It’s the same wing that used the be there, not a new one. They just moved it.

That’s all for Isle of Dawn! Click here to continue to the Daylight Prairie or choose a kingdom below.

Isle of Dawn | Daylight Prairie | Hidden Forest | Valley of Triumph | Golden Wasteland | Vault of Knowledge | Seasonal Spirits | Currency Guide | Daily Quests | Review

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For some reason, the butterfly spirit wont appear in my game? I Dont have the emote yet but ive been through the eye of eden already, is there something i need to do do trigger the event?

dhruv notani

that’s the same issue for me


My game doesn’t have the bird call? I’ve been through the eye of eden and I’ve been collecting ones I don’t have just fine, except for this one


Me neither, but when I activated all the bells in the next section and I came back, I appeared for me and I shared for every one near me!


Hi what if im unable to get the spirits in thisle of da wn and i cant get past through again and im stuck cant go through the daylight of pairee pls help what should i do


Hi! I didn’t get all of the spirits the first time through, and when I went back and grabbed the last one, I accidentally hit skip for the final perk thing. I couldn’t complete the tapping prompt (I think it said tap the red light or something), so I didn’t know if you had this problem too? I can’t seem to re-trigger the thing either


Hi! Iwas able to get one spirit the pointing something then i cant get passthrough the isle of dawn again and then the portal for the daylight of pairie open up and icant get in either. I dont know what would be my next step. I already talked to the spirit i got from the isle of dawn

Ro coh

Found a weird way to sneak behind the polygons on this level by flying through a hole in the ceiling of the first castle, just before the spirit altar.


I have collected all the spirits and, to the best of my knowledge, found all the winged lights but the reward of the constellation is still locked. Is this a problem with my game or have I not done something? I’m not a completionist but I really want to know what they unlock.

Morgan Liu

Thank you for making this!
Btw, flying near clouds will recharge your energy!


So I upgraded all the stars form the first constellation and it hasn’t given me the final reward, so when I click on of oth the free stars (the ones that tell you reward) it tells me that I need to go to the “Light”
Does anybody have any idea what this mean? And thank you for reading


Based on my constellation, I have the spirits 2 and 3 in isle of dawn, but when I click them it tells me that the spirit awaits me. I’ve tried to look for them again but they aren’t there anymore since I already collected them…


How to get full wings?(120 stars)
is wing buff with friend useful?


Could you please update this? There are more spirits in Isle of Dawn now. I have found the location of the last one, but I need to have found two others before I can get that one and I have already found all of the ones that you listed above.


I also found a tunnel in a sand dune to the left, it has lights and what seems to be a spirit. I have been able to follow the spirit for a little while and then it disappears.
At the end of the tunnel is a small boat(?) and 3 glowing orbs.


i think i saw that I saw the boat but no spirit, is there anything on top of the castle with light beam coming out of it, i keep trying to jump up there and taking ages and don’t want to keep trying if nothing there.


I found a boat with 3 golden orbs inside a cave in the Isle of Dawn. But I see no mentions of it here? I cant interact with it and there are lamps I can light up in the cave tunnels. It is left of the gate (where the front has two entrances one has a spirit, then I went waaay behind it and found a shallow entrance to the cave. (I took screenshots but I don’t think I can add them here.)


I have a bug in the tower of wisdom. I found the spirit that gives you the praying ability??? And it won’t let me unlock it when I reach the end. Idk if it’s actually a big or if I’m doing something wrong


Tower of wisdom is REALLY complicated. I think that the praying thing that you have mentioned was the meditation spirit. You need the pray emote to get it. In order to get the pray emote, you first need to get the telekinesis emote, which is located on the 2nd floor of vault. It requires 4 players to open the door and get it. And then you would have to go to the 1st floor to get the pray emote, which also requires 4 player WITH THE TELEKINESIS EMOTE. After that, you must visit the spirit that you found again, and… Read more »


Do you have the telekinesis emote?


For some reason, I have already unlocked the Over Here spirit and meditate at the end. However, I realize it is gone now and when I tried to go back to the spirit, it won’t let me redo it. Is this a known bug? Is there anyway I could get the emote back?

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