Sky: Children of the Light – Daylight Prairie Spirit and Wing Locations Guide

Sky: Children of the Light
By: thatgamecompany

Sky: Children of the Light is the latest game by thatgamecompany, and it’s similar to Journey. It’s a massive multiplayer online game (MMO) in which you can fly around beautiful landscapes and join with others to solve simple puzzles. I have a generic guide here, but want to break things down into more specific ones. There are lots of spirits to collect that get added to your constellations and some can be tricky to find. So this guide will show you where they all are. This is a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Scroll down for Winged Light locations.

Isle of Dawn | Daylight Prairie | Hidden Forest | Valley of Triumph | Golden Wasteland | Vault of Knowledge | Seasonal Spirits | Currency Guide | Daily Quests | Review

Daylight Prairie:

1. Butterfly Catcher: This spirit is found right at the entrance of the round cave. The statue is in the center of the cave.

2. Clap: This is on the left island in the second section. There’s a locked door that needs two people to open it. The statue is by the chat spiral.

3. Wave: This one is on the middle island. It starts at the entrance and ends by the spire.

4. Laugh: This one is inside the cave on the right island. It ends by the bell tower.

5. Yawn: This spirit is through the door on the middle island. I don’t have a great photo of me picking up the expression. Sorry!

6. Wipe Brow: This is found in an area to the left of the round cave in the first section. You need to collect other spirits before you can get through, or go with a friend who already unlocked it. Once through there, head along to a ledge. Jump off and onto the stairs and into a cave. Head straight and up the stairs and then through a gate to the left that requires one spirit. Continue on and look for a gravestone with a spirit near it. That’s the starting point. Follow it through the doorway past the water. Go through the tunnel until you see an area that’s all green. There’s a little boat. The spirit ends in the room to the left of the plank.

7. Eight-Person Puzzle: Once you have the Butterfly expression, go to the same place where the Laugh spirit was found, on the right island. Get a friend with Butterfly to help you open the door. You then need eight players to all work together and light discs around the circle. Each player should stand by one disc and hold their flame. Don’t jump around or it won’t work. When the platform rises, light all the candles here to get this expression.

8. Bird Call: You need at least four other spirits from the Prairie to access this. When you arrive at the first Prairie area, instead of going straight, turn to the right and go through the gate. Then look for this spirit waiting under one of the towers. The statue is at the top of the tower.

I didn’t make a video yet, but here’s a good one that has all the winged lights, as well.

Winged Lights:

The first wing is inside a cave to the left when you first land in the Prairie. You need to have found one of the spirits in this area to access it.

The next one is above the round cave where you find the Butterfly Catcher spirit. Go inside the cave and release a call to get the butterflies to carry you up there.

There’s another straight ahead at the entrance to the bell towers.

If you go left to the cave where the Gratitude seasonal spirit and the Wipe Brow spirit are found, there’s two wings in that area.

For the first one, climb up the spiral staircase and then look out across at the hole in the wall. There’s a slight glow, which is a wing!

The next one is even harder to spot. You want to head up the stairs to the exit (right across from the entrance) and head head through. There’s a gate on the left that requires one spirit to enter. Right across from that gate, there’s a little opening you can fly up to. In there is the wing.

To get the next two, you need to have at least four spirits from the Prairie area. Head through the hole in the clouds to the right and continue on to the floating islands (bird nests). The next one is on the floating island sticking out from the clouds.

And the other in this area is a little harder to get only because the island is smaller and higher up.

The next few are in the area with the three bells you need to ring. One is impossible to miss, on the small island in the center.

Next, there’s one on the left island through the door that requires two people to open it.

The next one is on the middle island off to the left side.

This next one is found after the eight-person puzzle inside a tree.

The next two are on top of the temple at the end. One is easy to get to by flying up a bit.

The other is further up and you either need a friend to help or you need to use the clouds to gain altitude.

That’s all for Daylight Prairie! Click here to continue to the Hidden Forest or choose a kingdom below.

Isle of Dawn | Daylight Prairie | Hidden Forest | Valley of Triumph | Golden Wasteland | Vault of Knowledge | Seasonal Spirits | Currency Guide | Daily Quests | Review

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Hi ! I don’t found the butterfly catcher ? You know why ? There’s Nobody In the cave. Thx


isn’t there another spirit in the middle of the constellation? I haven’t been able to find one


There is a central plus sign in the constellation. I think one of the spirits are missing or not yet active.


I noticed on 5 you also need 2 people to open the door, thanks so much for this walkthrough it really helped!


On the eight person area there’s an area up top where you need the praying action to unlock it, where do I find that?


The Vault of Knowledge, 1st floor. First obtain Telekinesis on the Vault, which you will need to reach prayer.


You’ll just get to ride a dog and won’t even be able to control it lol


I couldn’t find that last winged light above the 8 person puzzle :/ how high up is it??


There are two wings inside the cave area as well ;P One in a small cave/anex that you can see & glide to from the opening in the partial stone wall after you scale your way up there. (Where the seasonal spirit is) that wing is straight across the room. There is another as well. If you stand in that same spot in the stone structure partial walll opening, it is to your right. Near the opening to the start of the exit that takes you out to the 3 bell area. It is up to the top right in… Read more »


Of course!!! 🙂


What about the dog in the 8 person puzzle?


Is it okay if you can make maps for where everything is, even if they’re crude ones?

sarah louise

anyone want to do some joint play?


What is joint play?


Hey, I just want to ask. The thing is that i can’t get to the location of the 6th spirit. In my constellation of the daylight parire I have every spirit except the 6th one, but still I can’t get through the Barrier leading to his location. What do I need to do to get through?


There us one that i’m sure its not supposed to be there in the first near the entrance to the floating island by s area there are some dark clouds,if you pass them you will get under the map. There is a black plataform with one winged light


Hi can I ask what will happen when we complete the 8 person butterfly-catching puzzle? I’ve been there so many times during candle hunts and stars hunt but nobody ever has enough patience because at least 1 player is drifting off somewhere or they just left.


I already did the clapping spirit, but it still says that it awaits my help..


You can also get the two wings on the temple at the end by flying off the bird/manta thingy that flies you up to the temple before it descends to drop you off.

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