Agent A: Complete Achievements Guide

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise
By: Yak & co

The conclusion of Agent A brought with it a whole bunch of new achievements to unlock, so I’m going to help you find them all. The first page covers achievements you get automatically by playing through the entire game. The second page covers challenges, which require you going out of your way to meet specific conditions. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Complete Walkthrough | Story Achievements | Challenges |

Story Achievements:

You get these automatically by playing through the entire game. If you get stuck, follow my walkthrough.

Infiltrator: “Infiltrate Ruby’s secret lair”

Target Acquired: “Locate Ruby La Rouge”

Cat Burglar: “Disable the house alarm system”

Open Sesame: “Open a stone doorway”

The Electrician: “Disarm the electric pool”

Secrets Await: “Access the hidden pool door”

Save the day…!?: “Hit the briefcase kill switch”

Very Very Shh-neaky: “Sneak into Ruby’s hideout”

Recon Expert: “Uncover Ruby’s mission”

The Extraction: “Download Ruby’s mission”

Radar Rebel: “Broadcast warning message to Agent B”

Super Sleuth: “Find Ruby’s submarine”

The Final Blow: “Sabotage Ruby’s submarine”

And that’s all the basic story achievements.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the Challenges or click here.

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Hi. I’m already finish with chapter 5.
2 Achievements I have not yet in total. “Sashimi buzz-cut” and “A parting gift”. I hope I find the solution here soon.


Yeah. Thank you. The best.


Really annoyed I can’t find this shoephone. Calling the spy company states they are out of stock and the invoice shows that Ruby ordered one but it’s got me stumped. Going to be so obvious when it is located I can just tell lol.


Oh and thank you for the guide, really helped out on the couple of spots I had difficulty.

Eh Ehmeh

2 years to come out with this small chapter 5? Daaamn.


It’s the best of the lot ! Brilliant


run the sink in the bathroom and hold the drain for “finger plunge,” dial *69 for “star sixty nine,” glide left to right across the piano keys for “glissando glide,” and wind the gramophone then move the record for 10 seconds for “wuka wuka”


how do i get a “bad hair day?”

Sarah Goldie

Gunther keeps stealing the fish from the net and I need it to feed the cat