Agent A: Chapter 5, The Final Blow – Walkthrough Guide

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise
By: Yak & co

Yak & Co. is back with the conclusion of Agent A, as we try to locate Ruby La Rouge’s submarine. This chapter finally brings us the end of the game which we’ve been waiting four years for. This walkthrough guide will help you if you get stuck on any puzzles in Chapter 5, The Final Blow. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 5, The Final Blow:

1. After Jerry the Jetpack crashes into the tower, examine him and then press the button to send him flying off again. Once he’s gone, pick up the spring and the final blueprint piece.

2. Use two fingers to zoom out and keep going back until you’re inside the mansion again. Continue going back until you’re in the green room with the glass elevator that goes back to rest of the house. Take a photo of the painting here that’s numbered 1/2.

3. Continue going back all the way through the air ducts to the blueprint room. If you’re trying for the Spy-der Web achievement, make sure to tap the web inside the ducts and another one inside the cabinet by the blueprints. Add the final blueprint piece to the wall to get the code for level 5 security clearance. It’s randomized each game, so make sure to copy your numbers down.

4. Go through the air ducts again and stop at the room with the elevator. Go through the door to the right, which is level 2 clearance. Take a look at the sketch on the table. It’s a clue! Also, tap on the blinking 4 if you haven’t unlocked the terminal to access level 5 clearance yet. Then insert the CD of hacking software and enter the code to unlock level 5 security clearance.

5. Go back to the elevator and press the blinking -2 button to head to that floor.

6. There’s two separate puzzles in this next room. One is on the floor and one is a vault. Let’s work on the vault first. Use the clue you found earlier. The goal is to get the highlighted lights lit up. But each time you light one, the pattern reverses. So you need to do it in the right order or it won’t work. I’ve numbered them below for you. Simply tap the big button in the center when the moving light lands there.

7. Go through and notice the third light bulb is blinking. Pull it down to reveal some secrets behind the walls.

8. Turn to the left wall and pick up the ammunition and the ornate gem.

9. Turn to the right wall and pick up the crowbar and the spades key.

10. Leave the vault for now and let’s work on the floor puzzle. First, press the green button. Then slide the blue pieces around to fill in the gaps. Head downstairs.

11. Head left first and pick up the fuel hose near the waterfall.

12. Go back and head right. Tap on the fuel drums and grab the jerrycan (gas can). Attach the hose to one of the drums and then fill up the can with fuel.

13. Zoom back out and tap on the boat. Open the gas cover and pour in some gas. Then take the boat across to the lighthouse.

14. Tap on the rocks to the left to find a stone artifact.

15. Zoom back out and tap on the water to the right to find a bottle. Pull out the rolled up paper inside to find a treasure map! Keep it in mind for when we have a shovel.

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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Achievements

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Can’t find chapter5

parivesh sharma

I don’t understand the spider web thing, nothing happning on mine.


Hi yeah, you said the final blueprint piece was under the jet pack, but I’m still missing a piece? What’s the other location for the 5 clearance blueprint piece?

Conrad Uno

Hey, same for me but I’ve just found it! I was also missing the clubs key from the hallway box which i know i got in ch4. So went back inside Ruby’s house upstairs to study and over on the shelves that the cat knocked was missing blueprint and club key. Maybe it was the update, just glad i can carry on. Hope it works for you too


Same here.


So I finished all the chapters and I think you all need to follow the cat footprints the upstairs part of Ruby’s house. I did that in chapter four and got all the blueprints.


how the f? I found only one blueprint at the start of chapter 5 like you. But I seem to have one missing still.


I was missing one too. Found it back in the house in the room with the phone and the phonograph. On a shelf by the red lever.


Thanks for the tip. I found the missing blueprint piece there too.


I got the bird on the log with a fish before I knew to take a fish to the cat. I keep trying to get another fish, but a bird flies away with it every time. I have the key for the pink -2 room, but my code won’t work and I’m assuming it’s because I haven’t given the cat the fish yet. Do I have to reset the whole game now?

Moisés Carvalho

I can’t move the spring on the security pad in floor -1


Same here.

Shubham Trivedi

I can’t find Spade Key


Me either


How do you get to the waterfall?


What is the trick to the puzzle to open the waterfall?


This is a hard one to crack I am still stuck on this


Is there a trick for the floor puzzle beyond matching it to the pattern inside the box? I’ve definitely matched mine but no box pops up for the key.


Check second from bottom tile, rotate it a little. It was a problem in my case


Has anyone solved the puzzle behind the waterfall?


Also stuck here. I did the puzzle and nothing happened.


Check second from bottom tile, rotate it a little. It was a problem in my case


I’m missing the clover shaped key, where did u get it?


What is actually behind the middle door with the gold handle? It’s never opened throughout the entire game or did I miss something?comment image


Hi, I do not appear to have the rope, despite reading this I cannot find it, where is it?

Charlotte Evers

Have you found this yet? I’m missing it!


I just saw the answer to my question. Thanks!


where’s the floating box? I can’t seem to find it.

Ray snowden

I’m missing a ruby. I thought I got them all but one is still missing. Is there 3 or 4 Ruby’s? I’m stuck.


The one I’m missing is the top one. Where is this located? When I dropped the others in it went to its place.


Where do we get the second stone

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