Sky: Children of the Light – Meditation Locations Guide

Sky: Children of the Light
By: thatgamecompany

The Season of Gratitude is now behind us, but before the next season begins, there will be two weeks where a quest giver will appear and offer us two quests in exchange for some candlelight. One of them is always to meditate at a meditation stone. Rather than refresh this guide each day, I’m going to list all the meditation spots so you can find them easily.

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Meditation Stone Locations:


– Meditate at the anniversary celebration.

This one is in the office. If you’ve never been there before, you get there through the Vault of Knowledge. You can watch this video to see how to access it. During the anniversary party you can get in for free and buy the party hat for 3 hearts.

– Share your New Year’s resolution in the office

This quest is only available during New Year’s. Find your way to the office and meditate at the meditation spot to the right.

Daylight Prairie:

– Meditate in Prairie’s butterfly field

This meditation spot is right in front of the Butterfly Catcher spirit’s cave.

– Meditate and Prairie’s bird nest shrine

This is in the floating islands section of Prairie. You get there by going through the opening in the clouds to the right from the Butterfly Fields. You need to have collected 4 Prairie spirits to get through the gate.

– Meditate at the Sanctuary Islands

You get to Sanctuary from the Birds Nests area. Once there, the shrine is on the main island, near the waterfall.

– Meditate at Prairie’s cave shrine

For meditation spot is in the cave where you used to find the Gratitude seasonal spirit. If you don’t know how to get there, use this guide.

– Meditate at Prairie’s faerie ring

This meditation spot is in the bell tower area, on the left island.

– Meditate by Prairie’s koi pond

This meditation spot is right by the temple at the end of the Prairie.

Hidden Forest:

– Meditate at Forest’s clearing

This spot is right at the start of the Forest after you fly in through the clouds.

– Meditate above the Forest’s brook (used to be beneath hollow tree)

The meditation spot is inside a gazebo near the start of the first big area.

– Meditate in Forest’s elevated clearing

To find this spot, you need to go to the first big area in the forest. To the right of the first gazebo you see, there’s a gate. You need a total of 8 spirits from the Forest to get through there. Go through there to the sunny area. Once in there, look behind a tree to your right to find the meditation spot.

– Meditate at Forest’s boneyard

This meditation spot is in the second big area, in a gazebo right near the final big broken bridge before the flight to the temple. You can see the giant fish bones nearby.

– Meditate at Forest’s end

This meditation spot is all the way at the end of the Forest, past the temple.

Valley of Triumph:

– Meditate by Valley’s ice rink

The meditation spot is in the ice rink, up by the Proud Stance spirit. The easiest way to get there is to try to slow down as you come sliding to the entrance to the ice rink so you don’t drop down the ice rink yet. You want to get close enough to the edge that the cutscene will still appear but you won’t drop down. Then, walk right and hop over to where the Proud Stance spirit is found. You’ll see the meditation spot above the spirit. If you didn’t stop in time, follow the instructions below.

Here’s an alternate way to get there. Climb up towards the back. I think the best way to get up there without a friend is to climb up the left side and then glide over to where you need to be.

– Meditate above Valley’s citadel arch

This meditation spot is in the citadel, by the golden rings. If you don’t know how to get there, read my Valley guide. The spot is right on top of the arch where you first enter.

– Meditate high above Valley’s citadel

This one is up high, near the exit of the citadel, where the Handstand spirit’s journey ends. Here’s the view from two different angles. You can also watch my video that shows how to get there.

– daily_quest_meditate_sunset_raceend_desc

This meditation spot is in the stadium at the end of the race. It’s in the bleachers on the right.

Golden Wasteland:

– Meditate in the broken temple

This meditation spot is inside the little temple in the first area of the Wasteland.

– Meditate in the graveyard

The meditation spot is in the scary area with four dragons. It’s towards the back near the exit with the birds. I recommend staying up high to avoid the krills more easily. You can also watch my video below to see how to get there.

– Meditate on the boat

This meditation spot is inside the big abandoned ship.l

– Meditate on the battlefield

The meditation spot is in the area right at the end of the Wasteland before you enter the temple.

– Meditate in the Forgotten Ark

This meditation spot is found behind the giant ark in the Forgotten Ark from the Season of Enchantment.

Vault of Knowledge:

– Meditate with the Spirit Mantas

You can find this on the first floor.

Or on the fourth floor.

– Meditate at Vault’s second floor

This meditation spot is easy to find, right where it says it is on the second floor.

– Meditate at Vault’s summit

This meditation spot is at the top of the Vault, to the left of the temple.

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