My Week Unwrapped: September 4, 2019 – inbento, Path of Giants, A Park And Pigeons, Agent A and More


Hi everyone, and welcome back to My Week Unwrapped, where I discuss all the games I’ve been playing over the last seven days. This week hasn’t been the busiest, but it does include the much-anticipated conclusion to a popular adventure game, full reviews of two quality puzzle games, and a mix of other iOS and Switch releases. So let’s not waste anymore time and get right down o business.

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise

This past week, Yak & Co. finally released the fifth chapter of their stylish spy adventure game, Agent A. We finally come face-to-face with Ruby La Rouge, as well as a noisy bird named Gunther. Other characters return, as well, like Onyx the cat. My favorite part is that Jerry the Jetpack still works after all this time and that the developers never let up on their puns. I don’t have a video yet, but I did make a step-by-step walkthrough guide here. A whole bunch of achievements were also added, and some of them are pretty tricky to unlock. It definitely offers some replay value. If you need help with those, I made an achievements guide here. I, for one, was happy to be able to return to the world of Agent A and Ruby La Rouge. I hope might see a sequel one, though right now the developers are working on the Apple Arcade exclusive, Down in Bermuda.

Path of Giants

I already mentioned Path of Giants last week, but I’ve since had time to both complete the game and write a proper review. I really enjoyed this cute little puzzler about three brave explorers searching for a legendary treasure. The sounds and animations elevated the game for me, as I never got tired of seeing them climb on each other’s heads. If you like Monument Valley or Lara Croft Go, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll like this, too. But if you need more convincing, you can read my full review here.


Afterburn Games’ Golf Peaks is one of my favorite puzzlers, so I was psyched to see that they had another one-handed puzzle game coming out about cats and sushi, called inbento. I’ve since played through most of the 100+ levels, though I’m stuck on the last world for the past two or three days. It gets pretty tricky, just like Golf Peaks did. I have a full review here, so just go and read that instead of having me repeat myself. But if you’re a puzzle fan, this is definitely one you’ll want to grab.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

I already played through several chapters of Stranger Things 3: The Game on Switch when it released alongside the third season of the Netflix series. I got stuck on a boss where it seemed impossible to progress without having a friend take control of the second character. I still wanted to see how the game plays with touch controls, so when I made its way over to iOS this week, I gave it a try. Unfortunately, it feels a bit tiring on my iPad to keep tapping to move. I think it might be better on my iPhone, but there’s no iCloud sync and I don’t really want to start over for a third time. The game certainly seems playable with touchscreen controls, though I haven’t made it to any of the bosses yet, and things do get much harder there. If you’re a fan of the series and want to give it a try, go ahead, but I’m not sure how the touchscreen controls will handle the bosses if they were difficult even with a controller. Anyway, you can watch some of my iOS gameplay below and later Switch gameplay here.

Wilmot’s Warehouse

Wilmot’s Warehouse is not iOS, but it did release on Switch this past week. It seems like a cute game, especially for those who enjoy organizing things. But it doesn’t seem like the best fit for me. I had enough of it after just fifteen minutes because it felt too much like work. The game has you managing a warehouse. You play as Wilmot, a little square. You run around and can move inventory so it’s easier to find when you need it. Then, when the timer starts, you have to find and bring specific items to the customers. If you fail to do so in time, you lose. There are also sorting puzzles where you need to decide where to place an item, say the “hat” pile or the “winter” pile. Again, there’s definitely an audience for this kind of game, but I’m just not part of it.

Afterlife Interactive 360 Film

I wrote about Afterlife last week, but it was released in a broken state so I couldn’t say much about it. The developers updated it a few days ago to fix the bugs, so I restarted and played through the first two chapters. It does seem to be working as intended now and I like the gist of it. You basically stand or sit in one spot and rotate your device around you so you can see different parts of the house and follow different family members. The story involves the death of their son, Jacob, and how they all handle it. I don’t want to spoil things, but in the second chapter you start to interact with the environment, and I thought it was clever how that works into the story. My only real criticism so far is that the acting and dialogue aren’t always convincing. But I’m going to stick with it, at least for now. There are also multiple paths you can take, but it happens passively and I’m not completely sure how to make sure you get a different path if you restart. So I doubt I would play more than once. But if you like these kinds of of experimental games, five Afterlife a try.

Trap Labs

Trap Labs is an action puzzle game drawn in the style of the Fairly Odd Parents. I like the humor, though the guide at the beginning of the game talks a little too much. Overall, the game seems to be made well, and I like how it gives you a nice chunk for free before asking for money — though for some reason I can’t seem to unlock the full game at the moment. Each level has a number of floor traps you need to cross. So far, I’ve only encounter pitfalls, but I’m guessing there will be other kinds of traps later on. The idea is to collect the two coins and avoid any deaths, then make it to the door. There are also hats to find, which is a nice little extra to seek out. If you like this kind of game, try the free content and then decide if you want to play the rest for $4.99. Unfortunately, it’s not really my kind of game, but seems to be well-made. So give it a chance.

A Park And Pigeons

And last, I played some of A Park and Pigeons. I like the look and feel of it, and it’s a really cute idea. You play as a pigeon walking around a park and gobbling yo bird seeds and other snacks that people drop. You need to get to it before the other pigeons, because if the yellow meter at the top runs out, it’s game over. The pigeons look great and move like real birds. But I made it all the way to wave 22 without too much difficulty before I lost. I thought there would be GameCenter leaderboards, but it only stores your own personal scores. I can’t really see playing anymore without having some idea what kind of score I should be aiming for. These high score chasers really need leaderboards to keep the competition going. So until then, I’m probably not going to play anymore. I do appreciate that it works in either portrait or landscape mode, but sadly there’s no iCloud sync. Anyway, check out my gameplay video below to see if it’s something you might like.

And that’s everything I’ve been playing this week, along with some others I can’t talk about yet due to embargo. Keep an eye out later for some of those, though. I’m going to go have yet another coffee now and commiserate with my cat over yet another heat wave. But let me know in the comments section what you’ve been playing and I’ll see you next week with more of My Week Unwrapped!

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