Sky: Children of the Light – Extra Candle Bunch Locations Guide

Sky: Children of the Light
By: thatgamecompany

The Season of Gratitude is now behind us, but the four extra candle bunches can still be found in one kingdom each day. Rather than try and update this guide every single morning with the locations, I’m going to show you where all the possible candle bunch spots are so you can find them easily yourself. You’ll know which kingdom to look inside based on the two candles outside the gate. I also have a guide for all the meditation spots here. If any are missing, let me know and I’ll try to add them.

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This is how you know which kingdom to find the extra candles that day. There are two candles in front of the gate.

Extra Candle Bunch Locations

Daylight Prairie:

Social Area

Butterfly Fields

Cave Shrine

Floating Islands

Bell Towers


Hidden Forest:

Social Area

First Small Area

Second Small Area

First Large Area

This one has to be glitched through with a table to get to.

Here’s ten fixed version in beta:

Hidden Sunny Area

Entrance to Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge

After the Temple – Forest End

Valley of Triumph:

Social Area

Ice Rink



Golden Wasteland:

Social Area

Broken Temple




Vault of Knowledge:

First Floor

Second Floor

Fourth Floor


Walkthrough Guide | Currency Guide | Spirit Locations | Daily Quests | Seasonal Candles | Eye of Eden Guide | Meditation Spots | Review

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Well, I think you forgot there is a out of bound place in forest that could have candle as well…

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