Apple Arcade Finally Has a Price, Launch Date and Some Amazing Games Announced

I’ve been very excited about Apple’s new subscription service, Apple Arcade, since it was announced and details trickled out about it. Last time we got a list of games that will be part of the program, and there were quite a few I was excited about from developers like Yak & Co, Finji, Snowman, and Revolution Games. Well, now we have a price and more games announced.

For those of you who don’t know what Apple Arcade is, it will give you access to about 100 games at launch, with more to come. It will launch September 19th and the the cost will be $4.99 per month, with a one-month free trial. The games will play on iOS, Apple TV, and Mac. Games will have no ads or IAPS so you get the full premium experience for just five bucks a month. Games should also include iCloud sync, which I’m especially excited about. It will also include Family Share with up to five family members. But what really has me giddy is knowing that Jenny Le Clue is finally coming and will be included in Apple Arcade.

I’m not entirely sure yet how I’ll cover Apple Arcade games, but I’ll definitely be making gameplay videos and including them in my weekly roundups to help readers decide which games are worth their time. But for now, here’s a list of games that have been announced and any trailers that are available:

ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree by Wildboy Studios

Ballistic Baseball by Gameloft

Beyond a Steel Sky by Revolution Software

The Bradwell Conspiracy by Bossa Studios & A Brave Plan

Box Project by Mediocre Mel

Cardpocalypse by Versus Evil & Gambrinous

ChuChu Rocket! Universe by SEGA

Doomsday Vault by Flightless

Down in Bermuda by Yak & Co.

Exit the Gungeon by Devolver Digital

Fantasian by Mistwalker

HitchHiker by Versus Evil & Mae About Pandas

Hot Lava by Klei Entertainment

Jenny Le Clue by Mografi

LEGO Brawls by LEGO & Red Games

LEGO Arthouse by LEGO

Little Orpheus by The Chinese Room

Manifold Garden by William Chyr

Monomals by Picomy

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm by Cornfox & Bros.

The Enchanted World by Noodlecake Studios

Enter the Construct by Directive Games Limited

Frogger in Toy Town by Konami

Kings of the Castle by Frosty Pop

Lifelike by kunabi brother

Mr. Turtle by Illusion Labs

No Way Home by SMG Studio

Overland by Finji


The Pathless by Annapurna Interactive & Giant Squid

Possessions by Lucid Labs & Noodlecake Studios

Projection: First Light by Blowfish Studios & Shadowplay Studios

Rayman Mini by Ubisoft

Repair by ustwo games

Sayonara Wild Hearts by Simogo & Annapurna Interactive

Shantae and the Seven Sirens by WayForward

Shinsekai: Into the Depths by Capcom

Skate City by Snowman

Sneaky Sasquatch by RAC7

Sonic Racing by SEGA & HARDlight

Spidersaurs by WayForward

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light by Cartoon Network

Super Impossible Road by Rogue Games

Towaga: Among Shadows by Sunnyside Games & Noodlecake Studios

UFO on Tape: First Contact by Revolutionary Concepts

Various Daylife by Square Enix

Where Cards Fall by Snowman & The Game Band

Winding Worlds by KO_OP

Yaga by Versus Evil & Breadcrumbs Interactive

And that’s it! I don’t know about you, but I’m excited! I’ll add more as I hear of them.

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  1. Eric

    For end users this is potentially a really good deal. I wonder how it’s going to play out for developers, though. If users only pay $5 a month and that has to cover all the developers involved plus Apple’s (I’m sure rather large) cut, will individual developers make enough to make it worthwhile for them? And if a developer releases something within Apple Arcade, will they also be able to release it on the App Store (like Kindle / KU) so that folks that don’t want the monthly subscription can still play the game? Given how many indie developers barely or don’t make a living off of the App Store games they develop, this feels like it will make that group even larger.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah I donΓÇÖt know. Hopefully this wonΓÇÖt kill off individual games.

  2. Brogmoid

    Quick random impressions.

    Atone – was sure this was going to be a Superbrothers game.

    The Bradwell Conspiracy – shades of System Shock; I’m hooked and will definitely follow along.

    HitchHiker – definitely gets the WTF award for this lineup, in other words I’m keenly intrigued.

    Jenny Leclue – familiar, was there a sneak peak release of this a few years ago?

    Manifold Garden – no idea what this is but I intend to find out.

    Overland – really enjoyed the preview even if survival/crafting games aren’t really for me.

    The Pathless – Princess Mononoke, anyone? Hope Studio Ghibli is OK with this level of imitation.

    Projection – yet another Limbo clone, but perhaps the most clever I’ve seen.

    Sayonara Wild Hearts – not my kind of game but I LOL’d.

    Skate City – no idea what kind of game this is but cool preview.

    Where Cards Fall – intrigued.

    1. Gaia

      Re Jenny Le Clue: yes there was – about 4 years ago! I hope itΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s worth the wait!

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