Sky: Children of the Light – Seasonal Candle Locations Guide

Sky: Children of the Light
By: thatgamecompany

The Season of Enchantment has started! Instead of posting each day, I’m showing all the possible seasonal candle locations. The locations changed from last season, and are usually near the colored lights. There are four each day, which together add up to a full candle’s worth of wax. I’m not showing each day’s candles, but rather each set that’s possible for an area. If you see the first candle in a set, you’ll likely find the others. I also have other seasonal and candle guides here.

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Seasonal Candle Locations

Season of Enchantment

Daylight Prairie:

All the candles this season are near the colored light’s location. So that means the Prairie candles are by the floating islands (bird nests). You get to them by going through the opening in the clouds to the right. You need four Prairie spirits to get through the gate.

Set 1:

Set 2:

Hidden Forest:

All eight candles this season are by the colored light, so they’re around the broken bridge.

Set 1:

The first is inside the fallen log before you get to the broken bridge.

The second is right at the entrance to the broken bridge area.

The third is on the broken bridge itself.

And the fourth is to the right of the bridge, inside an elevated gazebo.

Set 2:

The first is inside one of the fallen hollow logs right before the broken bridge area.

The second is inside a gazebo to the left as you enter the broken bridge area.

The third is right near the giant manta bones.

And the fourth is in the gazebo on top of the cave where you find the Cry spirit.

Valley of Triumph:

All the seasonal candles are by the colored light, so they’re around the ice rink.

Set 1:

One is on the bridge near the winged light.

Two are on either side of the gate to the flying race.

And the fourth one is near the cave opening where the Season of Rhythm spirit used to be.

Set 2:

The first is high up by the Hero Stance spirit.

The second is by the entrance to the skiing race.

The third is on the bridge near the winged light.

And the fourth is on the bridge headed to the flying race.

Golden Wasteland:

All eight candles are on top of the Forgotten Ark.

Set 1:

Set 2:

The first is right by the Nod spirit.

Vault of Knowledge:

For this season, the seasonal candles are by the colored light, which you get to through a two-person door at the Vault entrance. Just look up to your right, near the home portal, and you should see it. There’s a gate inside that requires one Vault spirit to get through.

Just follow the path to find the candles.

Set 1:

The first candle is in the center of the room, on the giant cube.

Use the floating platform to get up to the opening and then follow the path to find the next candle.

Keep following the path for the next one. Go through a hole in the floor to find it.

And for the last, keep following the path down another hole, past the ladder, and through some crabs.

Set 2:

Use the floating platform to get up to the opening to find the first candle for the day.

The next one is at the top of a hole.

  • Head down the hole and continue along the path to find the next bunch at the top of another hole.
  • Head down the hole and continue past the ladder until you get to the last bunch of candles, near the exit.

    And that’s all the seasonal candles for the Season of Enchantment!

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    How do I get the new pumpkin Halloween hat? Thanks

    Kerv Gabriele

    You get it in the BETA testing Area for around $9 by using the Beta cape (Turquoise) its seasonal thou and I think it ended already last week


    apps, i found a couple of wings in the new vault area…do you have a guide that shows where each new wings are located? so far i got the 1 in the dark maze and 2 (i think?) in the vault….is there anymore i can get?


    I found 3 winged lights in the new forest area and 1 winged light inside the Rainy Forest inside the Hollow tree on the last stage


    Are their seasonal candles in the isle of dawn? I got the new spirit this morning but didnt see any candles


    What happens if you don’t spend all seasonal candles?


    I can’t seem to find the seasonal candles even though the season of enchantment has started?


    is this updated? the valley ones are broken, the pics


    unfortunately the prairie ones aren’t all accurate