Pilgrims: Complete Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

By: Amanita Design

Pilgrims is the latest point-and-click adventure game by Amanita Design. Your characters and items are depicted as cards, and you drag them to the scene to use them. It’s an insanely charming game, but can also be tricky at times. So this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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I have gameplay videos here, but you could also scroll down for my achievements guide.

Part 1:

Part 2, The End:

Part 3, Achievement Hunting:

Part 4, More Achievement Hunting:

Part 5, Even More Achievement Hunting:

Part 6, Final Achievements:


There are 45 achievements in the game, but you have to replay the game to get all of them. I’m going to try and tell you how to get them all, but please bear with me.

Debt Free: Head to the garden and pick up the hoe. Use the hoe to dig up some potatoes(?). Fill the pot with water from the pond and cook it over the fire. Add the potatoes and let them cook. Feed the Bandit the cooked potatoes to get this achievement.

In Good Spirits: Give the Bandit the bottle of wine and get him to join you.

Alms: Give Granny the coin and get her to join you.

Tasty Alms: Use a cooked fish to get Granny to join you.

The Devil is My Friend: Use the fishing rod (or coin) to get the Devil out of his hole and then give him to rope to get him to join you.

Drunkard: You get this by making the Tramp drunk to the point that he collapses. Just go to the bar and keep giving the barkeeper a coin for a beer.

Ouch!: You get this by using Bandit to shoot the bear with the gun and acorn.

Ready for Bed: Give the bear the bottle of wine to make him drunk.

Sleeping Potion: Make a sleeping potion by cooking the poppy flowers in hot water and then feed it to the bear.

Dusted: Hit the bear over the head with the broom.

Unexpected Hit: Shoot the priest with the gun and acorn.

Rummy: Give the priest the bottle of wine to make him drunk.

Direct Hit: Have the Bandit punch the priest.

Zonked: Cook the poppy flowers in the pot of water to make a sleeping potion, then feed it to the priest so he falls asleep.

Chastisement: First, use the original guy (Tramp?) to get the Priest to come out. Then, switch to the Devil and hit the Priest with the broom. Now you can use the rope to kidnap him.

Target Hit: Have Bandit shoot the man with the broom so he drops the broom, then pick it up.

Gone Cooking: Give the man with the broom a mushroom so he’ll run inside to cook it and drop the broom. Pick up the broom while he’s gone.

Home Sweet Home: Use the Devil and the rope to scare the the long-nosed man so he drops his broom. Then, use Granny and the broom to hit him. When his eyes catch fire, douse them with the pot of water.

Funny Hobo: You need to entertain the depressed guy using the Tramp. I used a mushroom and a worm to do it.

Funny Granny: Have Granny entertain the sad man to make him happy. I used the coin and then the rope.

Funny Devil: You need to entertain the depressed man using the Devil. I used the poppy flowers and the coin.

Do Not Disturb: Give the acorn to the sea monster.

Tastes Funny: Give the mushroom to the sea monster.

That’s Not Water: Give the wine to the sea monster.

Regular Diet: Give a fish to the sea monster.

King’s Jewel: Give the king the diamond in exchange for a bag of gold coins.

Expensive Deal: Exchange the bag of gold coins for the sword.

Precious Barter: Give the diamond to the once-sad-now-happy guy to get the sword from him.

Sweeping Prop: Using the Bandit, shove the broom in the dragon’s mouth.

Fishing Prop: Using the Bandit, shove the fishing rod in the dragon’s mouth.

Wild Dreams: Have the Bandit use the broom to hold open the dragon’s mouth, then throw the mushroom soup at him. (You can make a mushroom soup by cooking the mushroom in hot water.

Poppy Sleep: Have the Bandit use the broom to hold open the dragon’s mouth, then throw the sleeping potion at him. (You can make a sleeping potion by cooking the poppy flowers in hot water.

Knockout: Have the Bandit use the broom to hold open the dragon’s mouth, then shoot him using the gun and acorn.

Long Live the King: Once the dragon is asleep, use the sword to cut off his head. Take the head to the castle. Then the Bandit will become king.

The King is Naked: Have the Bandit visit the lake. Then he’ll undress and go skinny-dipping. Follow this by slaying the dragon and he’ll become the naked king.

Treasure Chest: Switch to the Bandit at the castle and use the sword to force the princess to come with you. Then take her to the dragon in exchange for the treasure.

Deal with the Devil: Once you have the Priest tied up, take him back to the Devil’s hole and throw him in.

Bratwurm: Roast the worm over a fire.

Wild Run: This should work if you give the mushroom to any of the main characters. I cooked mine but I’m not sure if it matters.

New Order: After Bandit becomes king, visit the castle again to see his wife is really queen.

Blessed: After the priest has been taken to Hell, visit the church again to meet the new priest.

Flower: Visit Granny at her home and she’ll give you a flower.

Your Soul is Mine: After the priest has been taken to Hell, visit the Devil’s hole again to see the priest’s spirit try to escape.

Happy Reunion: Catch the bird and return it to the lady in the boat.

Full Deck: You get this after you collect all the other achievements.

And that’s everything! Congratulations!

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  1. Aidan

    I was able to complete with every achievement! Let me know if you want help finishing the walkthrough!

    1. Raspberryka

      How do you get the princess to come with you? IΓÇÖve tried aiming the gun at the king and threatening him with the sword. IΓÇÖve tried as the bandit, the tramp and the devil, but the princess doesnΓÇÖt come.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Once the dragon tells you he wants the princess, the sword should make her come with you.

  2. Elderly lady

    I canΓÇÖt get the 40th, how do you put the princess on the throne ? And the last one ?

    41 return to church after getting rid of the priest
    43 return to the hole of the devil

  3. Ohhkamii

    How do I get the diamond?

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