Doors: Awakening – Walkthrough Guide

Doors: Awakening
By: Snapbreak Games / Bigloop

Doors: Awakening is the latest puzzle game from Snapbreak Games and Bigloop. It’s not a very difficult game, but if you get stuck, this walkthrough guide should help you. It also includes all hidden gems. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Chapter 1, Magic Forest – 01 First Steps, 02 Fairy Tale, 03 Ancient Ruins, 04 Summer Sunset:

Chapter 2, Steam Machines – 05 Gears & Engines, 06 Camera Obscura, 07 Negative Charge, 08 Deep Distress:

Chapter 3, Asian Adventure – 09 Golden Gate, 10 Red Lantern, 11 Asian Fall, 12 The Balance:

Chapter 4, Dark Ages – 13 Royal Observatory, 14 Velvet Burden, 15 King’s Tower, 16 The Guardian:

More coming soon!

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  1. Jerry Moreland

    When will we see more levels for doors awaking. Purchased this game would definitely buy the next one

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