The House of Da Vinci 2: Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide

21. Open the door. There’s a metal chain inside with a strange device connecting the two pieces. Using two hands, pull the two handles down at the same time to release the device. The chain will drop, and a hidden staircase will form that takes you back downstairs.

22. Place the figure of Leonardo in the center of the table. Some text on the table will get added to your journal.

23. Go to the open structure on the table. Rotate the top so the boxes look like this.

24. Then press the button in the center to flip the two boxes on the right so it looks like this:

25. Then rotate it so the boxes match the symbols below them. You’ll unlock some more text and another building will appear.

26. Zoom in on the new building and look at the back. Move the silver tiles around so the letters line up with those on the gold tiles. It should look like this in the end:

27. Open the dome and take the brass collapsible frame from inside. More text will appear on the table, as well as two more buildings.

28. Look at the brass collapsible frame in your bag and unfold it into a wheel with small frames.

29. Zoom in on the tall tower in the center of the table. Near the bottom is a small gold piece. Grab it. It’s an embroidered brass object.

30. Place the wheel down on the other building. Then take the dirty lens and star-shaped tool.

31. Zoom in on the side of that same building and insert the embroidered brass object. Lift it up to reveal a candle. Pull the trigger a few times to create a spark and light the candle. The projector will turn on, but we still have that dirty lens to clean.

32. Zoom out so you can see the full table. Rotate the camera around it until you see a section that looks different from the others. Zoom in on it.

33. The yellow tab is a big part of this puzzle. First, leave it on the left side and rotate the emblems so they point upward, as seen in this photo:

34. Then, move the yellow tab to the right side. Rotate the emblems so they both point outward. The panel will open, revealing a lens polishing machine. Insert the lens and pull out the mechanism and let it polish it. Then take the polished lens.

35. Place the lens back where you found it and the movie will start projecting onto the screen. Pay attention to the four shapes.

36. The order of the shapes is important, but it’s also hard to determine which is the first one. It turns out it’s the diamond. Just press the shapes in the order shown below.

37. Read the new text that appears and then take the ornate case.

38. Go back downstairs. Zoom in on the inside of the chest. There’s a screw on the left side. Insert the star-shaped tool and then it until a metal handle falls out. Pick it up.

39. Open the ornate case from your bag and attach the metal handle to make an ornate case with a handle.

40. Go back upstairs. Insert the ornate case in the hole hanging between the two chains. Now let’s figure out the right combination. Take a look at the sketch in your book of the markings on the five support beams. The double arrow tells you the starting point and which direction to go. So it’s 0507 > 1025 > 2031 > X > 8127. If you do the math, you’ll see that the pattern is 2x the previous number + 1. So 2 x 507 = 1014 + 1 = 1015. So to get the combination, you get 2 x 2031 = 4062 + 1 = 4063. Enter 4063 into the ornate case.

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  1. Sebastian

    How is the symbol for CEDO NULLI ?

    1. Mitch

      I have the same problem

      1. Sebastian

        I’ve found it, take a good look at all the coffins, and you’ll find the solution

  2. Mitchell

    I can’t get the letter from Da Vinci to turn to the second page and can’t get it off the page in chapter 4
    Any help?

    1. Ceeb

      I just tapped it (I’m on an iPad) and it flipped over.

  3. Alex

    Can you tell me where I can have five items in my inventory at the same time?

  4. Ceeb

    I somehow opened the right cupboard first and now I can’t open the left one (in the tower chapter 4)
    Hoping I don’t have to go back to the beginning. Thoughts?

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