The House of Da Vinci 2: Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide

41. A staircase drops down from above. Climb up. Zoom in on the bannister to the left. There’s an emblem that looks familiar. Push the top down and then take the wooden rose.

42. Go back down and find the hole that’s missing a rose. Insert it there. Then take the lever.

43. Climb back up the stairs and insert the lever into the slot. Pull it down to release a glider. Grab onto the ropes and glide down into the courtyard.

44. Use the Oculus to see gears leading to the sewer drain.

45. Zoom in on the planter. Rotate the left and right flowers so they push the springs up. Then rotate the middle one to get the gears moving. Take the rusty handle from the drain.

46. Go back to the same planter and find the wing nut.

47. Go to the fountain and use two hands to pull the two brackets inward. A socket will be revealed. Insert the rusty handle and turn it to reveal a puzzle.

48. Use the Oculus to see the clues for this puzzle. The shapes above tell you where the pieces need to go, and the numbers tell you the order you have to place them.

49. So first, get them all lined up in the center row. Then push them up in the order shown at the bottom. If you got it right, they’ll stay up.

50. Zoom in on the stone flower and rotate it so the arrows meet up. Then take the part of a mechanism.

51. Open the part of a mechanism from your bag and attach the wing nut. Turn it make a winch wheel.

52. Attach the winch wheel to the fountain/well and turn it to pull up a stone ornament. Take it.

53. Go the the pedestal to the right and place the stone ornament on the side. Take the mask.

54. Place the mask on the statue and then pull the lever. Then take the ornate capsule from his arms.

55. Place the capsule in the center of the pedestal. Use your Oculus to see the numbers on each section.

56. This is a very difficult puzzle, because you can only see some of the numbers at a time. It might be best to use pen and paper to figure it out. But the idea is to make each column of numbers add up to the Roman number all at the bottom. IV is easy because you know it has so be four 1’s. But which four 1’s allow everything else to add up properly is the big question. This is how VI, XI and V should look. Hopefully that’s enough to help you. Otherwise, you can use my video.

57. Open the lid and take the letter. Read it and the. Turn around to see Leonardo.

And that’s the end of Chapter 4! Click here to continue to Chapter 5 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Sebastian

    How is the symbol for CEDO NULLI ?

    1. Mitch

      I have the same problem

      1. Sebastian

        I’ve found it, take a good look at all the coffins, and you’ll find the solution

  2. Mitchell

    I can’t get the letter from Da Vinci to turn to the second page and can’t get it off the page in chapter 4
    Any help?

    1. Ceeb

      I just tapped it (I’m on an iPad) and it flipped over.

  3. Alex

    Can you tell me where I can have five items in my inventory at the same time?

  4. Ceeb

    I somehow opened the right cupboard first and now I can’t open the left one (in the tower chapter 4)
    Hoping I don’t have to go back to the beginning. Thoughts?

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