The House of Da Vinci 2: Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide

21. There’s a puzzle on the back of it. You need to move all the sliders and rotate the rings so there’s nothing on the metal piece going from the center to the top. Then you’ll get the steering wheel.

22. Head back to the sun door and attach the steering wheel to the left mirror controls.

23. Now let’s work on lighting up III on the map. Arrange the three mirrors like so:

24. Head to the new area that’s lit up. Lift the horizontal metal bar up and then push the vertical bar to the left. Take the eight-sided board.

25. Open the eight-sided board in your back and turn it around to reveal a puzzle.

26. You need to move each of the triangle pieces to dark the spots on the board that match them.

27. Than head down to the end of the hall and find the grooves in the wall that match that pattern. Insert the eight-sided board to reveal another puzzle.

28. This puzzle is a bit like a simplified Rubik’s cube where you only have to worry about one side matching. It should look like this in the end:

29. Now we have one last spot to shine the beams. You need to hit both eyes of that weird gremlin with both beams of light. Set the three mirrors up like so:

30. Then go through the open door.

31. The door locks behind you. Pick up the weight.

32. Then use the Oculus to go back to the past.

33. Zoom in on the door. Rotate each ring so that the symbols match up. Then head through the door.

34. Zoom in on the handle on the next door and turn it to reveal a hook with a screw. Take it.

35. Open the weight in your bag and combine it with the hook with a screen to make a weight with hook. Then hang it on the chain to the left of the door. Here’s where things get complicated.

36. The door opens, but it’s attached to other doors. There’s a whole bunch of doors and mechanisms, so you need to figure out what controls what. Let’s focus on this door first. Move the pieces around so that the four corners are in the right places. Then take the short key.

37. Turn to the left a bit and insert the key in the keyhole. Turn it to reveal a wheel. Then turn the wheel.

38. The doors to the left should have changed. Look at the one there now and pull the two wooden handles apart to release a metal handle. It will drop to the floor.

39. Turn the big wheel again to move the doors once again. Pick up the handle with eight-pointed section.

40. Now, turn to the right door and use your Oculus to see the machinery inside. Move the bars into place so the bottom piece can lift up.

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1 year ago

Is my game broke or something, I can’t get the wooden bannister piece that you slide in the beginning to stay. No matter what I do it just slides right back against the wall

Ea Armose
Reply to  AppUnwrapper
9 months ago

Go back in time🙏🏻😉

Reply to  Mike
1 year ago

I had the same problem. Just gotta keep trying. Took me a while.

Reply to  Mike
1 year ago

It doesn’t stay. You have to move quick to.get the item.

Reply to  Mike
1 year ago

I found that pulling the banister piece forward followed by tapping the metal grate a few times quickly got it to release.

Jackie Ellis
1 year ago

Pictures 2 and 3 seem to be of the same side of the mirror adjustment bit (should both left and right point to the right hand position?)…. I’ve tried moving them into every position available (and the third reflector that swivels front/back, side to side) and still cannot get the light to shine on area III … help 🙁

Jackie Ellis
Reply to  Jackie Ellis
1 year ago

Ignore that! I got it lol

1 year ago

I’m stuck trying to get the wheel from the wall. The outer ring has gone through the bottom brass hexagon until the place for the next on the right from it and I can’t get it moving again. I suppose the openings should be at the top so the metal is visible all the way up, but the outer ring is the only oneI can’t get right.

Reply to  Frank
1 year ago

As there doesn’t seem to be a “start over” button for this, I started the chapter anew. This time I knew where I should look out for, so I managed to get the wheel …. and finish the game! Now it’s waiting for The House Of Da Vinci 3!

1 year ago

The Rubik’s cube mechanism in Chapter 6 has removed every bit of enjoyment for me. I’ve been working on it for days. I could never do Rubiks. Any hints? Have looked at every video online!

Will probably end up quitting.

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
1 year ago

I find that exiting the game and force-closing it (on iPhone) takes me back to the start of any puzzle I’m on… when I open the game again I’m asked to select my profile then the puzzle is reset when the game opens.

Hope that helps.

Reply to  Ben
1 year ago

Same on android

Reply to  Ellen
1 year ago

You could try this solver:×2/. It still takes some modification, but it’s doable. Had me stuck for hours as well, but managed to solve it with this tool.

Reply to  Ellen
1 year ago

I know your comment was a long time ago but, are you still stuck? Willing to help

1 year ago

I saw that you posted a new guide just for this rubic’s puzzle, but I can’t seem to find it now. Can you re-post?

Maureen Charlton
1 year ago

Metal rod is missing at start of chapter…

Reply to  Maureen Charlton
1 year ago

Make sure you’re not looking for it when you in the past.

1 year ago

How do I reset the locks on the secret library door. I made a mistake and I cannot move the pegs back to the first board.

1 year ago

On 10 with the metal triangle, I can get the pins in the correct order but the triangular hole In the centre is facing the wrong way, so won’t allow me to fit it in. I’ve even restarted the chapter to make sure I haven’t picked it up incorrectly from the wall

mamad kurd
1 year ago

HOw the thing with two eye goes up?? I have done the Rubiks but nothing happed.. i ve set the light of lenz to the head of two eyes but its still down and cannt get the light.. i donnt know what to do and there is nothing to do

Dark King
1 year ago

Rubix cube solution

South L 3x
East D 1
West U 1
South L 1
East D 1
South L 1
East U 3x
West U 1
South R 2x
West D 1
North L 1
East U 1
North R 1

Sally Whoosh
Reply to  Dark King
9 months ago

This looks like a great reply if I knew what the starting position was!

1 year ago

just finished the rubics cube puzzle, now i have a beard!

10 months ago

I am stuck in Chapter 6. I did not pick up the weight (step 31). I went on to find the hook with a screw in it (step 34). But now it won’t let me go back and get the weight. My journal even says I can’t go back (“I carefully advance forward, as the way back is impassable now even if I wanted to turn around.”). I’ve tried turning around in the present and the past and I can’t. And it seems I can’t go forward without the weight. Can anyone help please?

Cynthia Visser
4 months ago

I can not get the light in the right possition.. help!!!

4 months ago

The 2nd and 3rd latches in the chapter 6 puzzle are stuck together. I can’t get them the slide apart. Only the 1st latch is mobile to move horizontal/vertical.

2 months ago

How do you solve the triangle puzzle I’ve tried everything

2 months ago

I can’t get past the triangle puzzle I have tried everything.

Last edited 2 months ago by Sam
Lorraine Massa
27 days ago

I am absolutely frustratingly stuck on chapter 6 of House of Davinci 2. I have “solved” the eight-sided board at least a dozen times, my solution matches the website solution, but the puzzle will not move forward

8 days ago

Anyone else having trouble with 42. The symbols on my puzzle wheels don’t match the pictures so now it’s not letting me solve it??