Help Appunwrapper Celebrate 50,000 YouTube Subscribers With a Massive Giveaway

(UPDATE: The giveaway is now over. Thank you to all the developers who participated! It was quite the turnout! If you get an email requesting codes for the giveaway at this point, it’s not me! Please double-check the email address.)

Even though has existed since 2011, I only started making YouTube videos in 2014. Since then, I’ve slowly built up my audience through walkthroughs and gameplay previews. Most of my videos have commentary, even though it takes more work than simply sitting back and recording without a mic. I do so because I want to offer something of value and not just turn games into a movie for people to watch instead of playing the games for themselves. So when I’m frustrated with a game you can tell, and when I’m having fun you can tell. My channel may not be as big as some others out there, but I feel proud of my work. And recently it paid off, as I hit 50,000 YouTube subscribers over the holidays.

I’ve been thinking about how to celebrate the milestone, and I decided to have a massive promo code giveaway. This will probably last about a week as I hand out all the codes I’ve gotten from generous developers. I also want to have some fun with it and feel like Santa Claus, so I’ll be giving them out in various ways and on different social media platforms. Most of the codes will be for iOS, but I also have some for Google Play/Android so everyone has a chance to participate.

I’m trying to get a lot of my favorite games in the mix, including some from my 2019 GOTY list. Here are just a few of the games you can expect to see:

Song of Bloom
And many more!

I’d like this to be fun for everyone, so I’m not making any hard rules right now. But if I see anyone trying to abuse the system, I’ll have to change things up. If everyone plays nice and doesn’t try to hog all the codes, we can all have a good time and celebrate all the wonderful premium games available on mobile.

So keep an eye on my Twitter, Youtube and Facebook channels to make sure you don’t miss out. I’ll start giving out codes in the next day or two, even though I’m still collecting them.

Note to developers: If you want to participate and I haven’t reached out to you yet, please email me! I’m accepting codes until the giveaway ends.

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  1. neil

    What do we have to do to be in the giveaway???

    1. AppUnwrapper

      IΓÇÖll be giving them out mostly on Twitter and Facebook, so make sure youΓÇÖre following me on there!

    2. neil wieczoreck

      facebook isnt working for me today not sure why but i will follow you on twitter!

  2. Dr Renier Palland

    Oh lawd! This is amazing.

    May the odds forever be in our favor!

  3. Cheri

    Thank you for all of your walkthroughs You do an amazing job!

  4. neil w

    When is the contest going to start i keep looking and i dont see anything?????

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It started on Friday. Like I said in the post, check my social media channels. IΓÇÖm not holding the giveaway on my site.

      1. neil w

        oh ok now i see why i havent seen anything! thank you!

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