The White Door: Complete Achievements Guide

The White Door
By: Rusty Lake / Second Maze

The White Door is the latest point-and-click adventure game from Rusty Lake. It ties into the whole Cube Escape and Rusty Lake universe. It’s generally easier than their previous games, but the achievements can be tricky to find. This guide will help you get them all. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

See my walkthrough for The White Door here.

This is a work in progress! Please bear with me!


DAY 1: “Make a decision Mr. Hill” – For this, you need to choose MAYBE as your answer on the computer. You’ll get a star to show you got the achievement.

DREAM 1: “The Lady of the Lake” – After you enter the Owl Nest cafe and find the right table, don’t touch anything yet. Notice the curtains in the upper left corner. Tap on it and the words will get highlighted. Then continue with the game. Each time you see the curtain, tap on it. There are four instances where it shows. At the end, you’ll see the full curtains. Open them and tap and hold on the singer to make her sing. Then you’ll get a star.

DAY 2: “The Manager” – Open the window and tap on the silhouette. Watch him leave, then walk away and back to the window. Now there’s a man staring at you. Tap on him to get another star/achievement.

DREAM 2: “Johnsson!” – After you meet the beggar and you’re driving around, look for a billboard closer to the right side of the map, with the numbers 3982 on it. Then use that code once you get to the bird food factory door. Inside, head left to a gazebo and tap on Harvey the parrot to get the star/achievement.

DAY 3: “The Moth” – This starts with the caterpillar on the plant. Tap the caterpillar. Then look for it in other spots around the room. It goes to the computer, then the table, then back to the plant as a moth. Touch the moth to get the star/achievement.

DREAM 3: “Mental Health and Fishing” – At the start of the dream, watch the cars pass by the building. Wait until you see one with a sign that says THE WHITE DOOR. Hold on it and let a little silhouetted man get out. Then continue with the dream as usual. On the TV, you’ll eventually see a phone number and the weird guy again. You’ll get another star/achievement. BONUS: If you call the number +31202443854 on a real phone, Mr. Owl will answer and tell you that the White Door is closed right now, but to visit after January 22nd.

DAY 4: “Mr. O” – Follow the instructions on the blueprints found in the recreational box. After any of the first two steps, when the room is flashing red, look at the blueprints again. There will be four numbers on it, and four spots around the room that are highlighted. Go around the room to those objects and find the letters on them. The picture frame has an F, the calendar has an A, the file has a T underlined, and the card on the plant has an E underlined. Put them together and you get FATE. Go to the PC and perform an emergency reboot using the instructions on with the blueprint. Then log in using the credentials for O. Enter FATE as the password and then read the two notes about Robert Hill and suspicious behavior to get the star/achievement.

DREAM 4: “Matches” – Every time you see a coaster on the bar, tap it. If you did it right, a man will appear at the bar next to you. Tap on him and he’ll ask for a light. Give him the matches to get the star/achievement.

DAY 5: “Dark Soul” – Before entering the word SOUL into the wall safe, slide open the window again to see the word CUBE. Enter CUBE into the wall safe and then move the cube to the soul’s eyes to get the star/achievement. You can then continue with the level as usual.

DREAM 5: “The Police Station” – After the bullet turns into a car, pay attention and look for a police car. When you see it, grab it and pull it along with you to the club. Then, once inside the club, tap on the policeman every time you see him, as well as the deer man. Then, after the part where you stick your finger through your head, you’ll remember him (Dale). You’ll end up at the police station. Raise your arms for your photo. Then drag the screen to find yourself being interrogated. Open the blinds to see Dale, then close them again. Pull the police officer’s eyebrows down. Then tap the light to make it flicker. Then pull the policeman’s eyebrows up. Then touch and hold on yourself to turn into the shadow. You’ll then get the star/achievement. Touch and hold to break the glass to continue with the dream as usual.

DAY 6: “The Window” – Make sure you order the egg for dinner. Continue with your day as usual until dinner comes. Then crack the egg open and make the bird fly away. Then check the window. Tap on the bird and then on all the stars to make them disappear. Then tap on the moon. There’s a window on the moon. Pull up the blinds and then tap on the corrupted soul a couple of times to get the star/achievement.

DREAM 6: “The Crow” – Tap the crow each time you see it. There are three locations where it appears. Then, when you’re following the hallway of doors, open the one with a star on it to meet Mr. Crow and get the star/achievement.

DAY 7: “The Portrait” – Open the bottom dresser drawer and color in your ID photo to get this star/achievement.

DREAM 7: “A place I know” – Tap each of the trees you see, including the one to the right of the bench. Then, when you get to the robin in the tree, tap on Harvey the parrot before tapping the robin. The image Sarah draws will be the Rusty Lake Hotel instead of the robin. Close the book and you’ll get the star/achievement.

The Alternative: “She’s not there” – Once you complete all seven days, you can then play as Sarah to get this achievement (Steam only). I made a separate guide for it here.

The Basement: “The Escape” – This is a Steam achievement, but you can also access it on mobile without getting the achievement. I made a separate page for it here.

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  1. Maph

    For day 2: After talking with the nurse, look at the window and click on the guy.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ah ok I did that but didnΓÇÖt notice the achievement pop up. Will add it, thanks.

      1. Maph

        For the 3rd dream I am not sure how I got it. I stopped the white car with the sign on top that says “The white door” (or something like that) by clicking and holding on it, after that a dark figure appeared. Continued with the game regularly afterwards, but clicked on the TV channels slowly; after seeing “got an emergency?” on TV and you click again, you will get the achievement (it will say “call +31202443854” on the TV screen). I hope that helps.

        Day 4: Client 0, password: fate, select second file

        Dream 4: touch the coaster every time it appears (3 times in total).

        Day 5: Insert the letters “c,u,b,e”, and move the cube to the face.

        1. Maph

          Dream 5: Click on the officer in the party every time you see him

          1. John

            When he appears inside the place you have to click the guy with the deer mask also

          2. swac

            Don’t forget to also tap the police car before you get to the disco.

        2. John

          Where did you get that ‘fate’ was the password ?

          1. Alindar

            When the room is under red light, numbers appear on the blueprint, pointing 4 locations in the room, with a red letter ( the frame, the calendar, Robert’s file in the dresser and the White Door’s card in front of the plant, for F A T and E )

          2. Kyra

            When the lights are flashing red everytime you break/corrupt something in that level, look at the blueprints in the draw and thereΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s now red numbers on different places in the room on the blueprints, one letter is at each of the places numbered 🙂

        3. Lynn

          I never seen that ad on tv tho…even if I stop the car and shadow thing

  2. Sascha

    Day 3
    Fist tap the moth at the flower, then behind the keyboard, then under the dishes and last back on the flower.

  3. Alex

    I got all stars. But I’m still missing the star for day 6. Any idea?

    1. Maph

      how did you get the star for dream 2?

      1. Alex

        Drive around on the map until you see a sign with the code 3982. You enter it at the door. Inside there is left a bird cage. Click on the birds.

      2. Mr.Colt

        While driving the car, thereΓÇÖs a billboard on the west side of the city reading ΓÇ£3982ΓÇ¥. Using this code on the door at the bird seed factory and then heading to the left of the screen after entering, reveals a large bird cage. Click on the bird cage to find Harvey inside and click on Harvey to get the achievement. IΓÇÖm uncertain if the code is necessary to yield the achievement, but this is exactly what I did to get the achievement.

    2. Cookie

      for day 6 I think you have to choose egg for dinner then go to window click bird then all stars from left to right then the moon. also how did you get the star for day 7?

  4. Eliteloir

    For the 6th dream, you have to tap the little crow every time you see it. Then, when you’re powering the lights, there’s a door with a star. Open the door and you’ll meet Mr.Crow, giving you a star. (Correct me if I missed something)

  5. Naommile

    Sorry for not speaking in english, This is spanish.
    Capítulo 2 sueño 2 en una de las esquinas mientras vas con el auto, ves un edificio con un numero, al ingresar el número como código en la fábrica, puedes ir a la izquierda y encontrar una jaula, te salta uno de los logros

    1. Maph

      Thank you

  6. Naommile

    The moth is the Same as the Mouse but with the worm.
    va del árbol, al pc, a la mesa de desayuno árbol de nuevo
    Plant-pc-breakfast table-plant again.
    Touch the butterfly and you got it

  7. Naommile

    Third dream, you have to stop the car with the white door signal, until it looks like the shadow, then you follow the game normally and a white door ad appears on the TV and you skip the achievement

  8. Naommile

    Dream 4 touch the coaster everytime it apears and talk to the man. Thats all

  9. Toby

    Has any one got the achievement of the basement: the escape on steam?

    1. Peter

      if you know why, comment here pls. i want to know that too

  10. Naommile

    I dont know if you have to do other things before but in day 6 after eating dinner you go to the window, touch the stars left to right and the moon. Thats it.

    1. Toby

      I think you have to choose eggs for day 6 top row.

      1. Sharlea Chainey

        Yep, egg first then stars

  11. Naommile

    Dream 7, make the parrot in the tree fly, m╬ô├╢┬úΓö£┬ís then keep going, the woman will be drawing a “place i know” and thats all.

    I alredy got it all, good luck.

    1. skokkos

      do you know how to get the star in day 7? i manage to get the ghoul say my soul and dark place. but dont know how to follow afterwards

      1. Nnn

        Star for 7 day please?

        1. Enrico

          On the 7 day lvl go to your ID card and touch the photo to colour it

    2. Lily

      To get the parrot to be in the tree, tap on all the trees as you’re walking towards the bench (Including the tree that’s after the bench, but make sure to tap it before you’re stopped). The trees should shake as you tap them

  12. John

    Someone knows why the password to Client ‘0’ on day 4 is FATE ?

    1. Alex

      If you trigger the alarm, you will see red markings on the floor plan. Look there while the alarm is running and you will find the letters. The order is also on the plan.

    2. Lily

      my guess is it’s an “O” for “Owl” like Mr. Owl & Fate, but i’m not sure

    3. Fabienne

      Maybe because he is Patient Zero “0”

  13. sailorknightwing

    Any word on the Basement achievement on Steam? Someone in the Discord said “Perhaps the last achievement is something related to “T. Hoorn” in the memory training machine. I get text:”Dear Mr.Hoorn: Please take care of the security of the white door basement department. The manager”, and another text:”Dear mr Hoorn, in the next message I will grant you access to the basement department. Please handle the patients with care, they are valuable to our organisation. Yours sincerely, the Manager.”
    However I do not know how to obtain these texts in game :frowning:”

    1. tanya

      the password for Hoorn’s account is DOGS. but i don’t know how to get it in the game(

      1. blasterman


      2. Yoshida

        How do you know that it’s DOGS?

      3. Lyy

        Where do you get the word DOGS?

    2. blasterman

      what is the password for T. Hoorn credentials?

    3. blasterman

      i’ve just acessed the basement.
      there are 10 prison cells with 10 different persons inside. Some are know from the game, others i couldnt recognize.
      We must find 10 codes of 5 numbers to set each of them free, and then guide them to an elevator.
      got no clues now. Guess we will have to wait until 22th of january.

      1. Dale Vandermeer

        how do i get into the basement?

        1. TIAM

          well i am a chinese so my english is poor.
          when you are in achievents.there is another level on the right named’sarah’enter it and choose “T.Hoorn” in the memory traning machine and the password is ‘DOGS’ i don’ t know why the password is ‘DOGS’ either.after you enter “T.Hoorn” the third message is basement(or the basement)then you can see a strange pattern.oh finally you just need to click the Γò¼├┤Γö£├æΓö£Γöñ for many times.and you can find a hole with ladder instead of the breakfast table(in the middle of the room) .thats all i know thank you to see my poor english.LOL

      2. Ian Meyer

        Well there are 10 cube escape games so maybe that this has to do with it

      3. plotinuspoe

        got no clue either…I recognized the beggar and the party girl but there’s still no clue…but yesterday when I open that page on steam I saw there are 0.1% players finished the achievement “basement” (it’s 0% now) don’t know how they did that

        1. Audrey

          Starting a list of basement people:

          A = Factory Boss
          B =
          C =
          D = Beggar Woman
          E = Party Girl
          F =
          G =
          H =
          I =
          J =

          Think some of these are from other Rusty Lake games?

          1. plotinuspoe

            steam has removed this achievement…
            (I’m not sure about the factory boss╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓┬ÑΓö£┬½the moustache is a bit different
            yesterday I thought some of them are from other RL games, but think about that website…maybe just wait till 22th

  14. Sharlea Chainey

    Day 5: after making the photo of laura, the old woman leaves the sliding door and you can see “cube” written there. Enter this into the box and move the cube to the dark souls face

  15. blasterman

    hey guys. Ive just acessed the basement. but just dont know what to do .
    Any clues?

    1. Yeeun Jung


    2. Felix

      How did you access it??

    3. Audrey

      Thinking it may help to break into the other computer accounts?
      Here’s what I have for passwords so far…
      C. Adams HOPE
      T. Hoorn DOGS
      J. Grant LOCK
      H. Lee LAKE
      S. White FREE
      O. FATE
      Anyone have something I’m missing?

      1. MJC652

        how did you find out DOGS?

        1. Audrey

          Got it from Tanya above. No idea where to find it in game.

      2. Alex

        P. Clark CATS

      3. Cat

        Catherine Adams = Hope
        A.L.P. Allis = ????
        P.Clark = Cats
        J.Gonzales = ????
        T.Hoorn = Dogs
        Jim Grant = Lock
        Harry Lee = Lake
        F.M. James = ????
        T.K. Johnsson = ????
        C. Walker = ????
        Sarah White = Free
        Mr Owl = Fate

        1. AppUnwrapper

          On Day 4, is there any clue that LAKE is for H. Lee or do you get it by trying all of them? IΓÇÖve been scouring the room for a clue and donΓÇÖt see one.

          1. Audrey

            You have to jump through a few hoops here. When you log in to J. Grant’s account with the password “LOCK” (found on the card he dropped) the third message “password change” gives you Dr. Adams’ (C. Adams) password as “HOPE.” Log in to C. Adams’ account and the only message is “sorry.” In this message “Harry” says he wrote his access code on the Hill dossier. So that password would be “LAKE” and H. Lee is the only name that starts with an H for Harry.

        2. Pedro

          the password for P.Clark (cats) really work, but it don╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╢├▒t have an use in the game yet, as it has a lot of archives named “name” and every arquive says “TXT”

        3. AppUnwrapper

          How did you get DOGS and CATS? Did people just guess or is there a clue in the game somewhere?

  16. Dale Vandermeer

    i need to know how to access the basement please

    1. Audrey

      Log in to T. HoornΓÇÖs account. Click on the third message called ΓÇ£basementΓÇ¥ and get a picture. Then hit the down key on the computer to lower the table and reveal a ladder.

    2. Pedro

      After you finish the game, a new chapter named “sarah” will appear in the “achievements”. In this chapter you can access the acounts in the computer again, but now you can use the account named “T.Hoorn” by tapping the password “dogs”. Then you open the “basement” message, and press the down button as many times it have to be pressed to open a secret passage under the breakfast table that leads to the basement. Thats all i know 😀

      1. Alex

        Doesn’t matter anymore because the developers closed it with today’s update and won’t open it until January 22nd. I played through the basement but it’s not funny without the ARG part. This morning (I’m European) there was a walkthrough video from the basement on youtube. People found out the codes for the cells with brute force tech. The video has already been deleted.

  17. Rebecca

    Is the basement achievement only on Steam or is it on mobile as well? I can’t figure it out!

    1. Alex

      I am also in the basement and I play on android. But mobile versions have no achievements like on steam.

    2. Lenore

      So when you beat the game play Sarah then you go to the computer and put her code in and the basement opens.

  18. Kyra

    I got an achievement on the last day when Robert meets Laura on the bench, Robert asks her ΓÇ£what are you drawing?ΓÇ¥ And instead of it being a bird itΓÇÖs the Hotel from their previous game and it gave me a star when I closed the book, anyone know how I did that bc I donΓÇÖt?lol

    1. Audrey

      If you shake every tree as you pass (including the last one past the bench) you get Harvey the Parrot in the tree with the bird. Click on the parrot when you send off the bird and Laura is drawing the Rusty Lake Hotel instead of the bird.

  19. Paikin

    About the phone number. It is an actual phone number you can call you will get a message from mr owl. He basicly says that the white door is closed right now and to visit after the 22nd of January

  20. Batya

    Dream 4 matches: when you play through you will notice a coaster on the table pop up about three times press on it each time and then a man will appear next to you after you recieve the gun he will ask for a light you light his cigar and then get an achievement

  21. Jordan

    Thanks for this!
    I just figured out how to get the achievement for Dream 2 and wanted to share. In the map screen, when you’re trying to get to work, look around a bit. There’s a building with a billboard on the roof that says 3982. Punch this number into the door at the factory. The scene at work runs normally, but once you’re fired, you’ll see a birdcage just to the left of the exit doors. Talk to Harvey and he’ll give you your star.

  22. Jordan

    I also just figured out the achievement for Day 4: Mr. O, and I’m happy to share.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hi, you might want to clear your cache or something, because I already have a detailed description and photos on how to get it.

      1. Jordan

        Thanks, I was surprised it wasn’t here yet!

  23. Gillian

    Day 7: go to the dresser and look at your ID. Tap your photo until it is fully colored.

  24. Gillian

    Dream 7: if you have the achievement where you meet Harvey (I think that’s the requirement) you will see him in the tree with the other bird, and Laura will instead be drawing “a place I know” 🙂

  25. Gillian

    Day 5: after entering all other codes, check the window in the door again– enter code CUBE in the safe and move the cube to the face of Hill’s corrupted soul.

  26. Gillian

    Dream 6: find the silhouette of a bird 3 times: once behind you on the rooftop, once in front of the phone booth, then once in front of the building. When you go to meet Sarah, stop at the door with a star on it and open it to find a familiar face 😀

  27. Leigh

    So IΓÇÖve been following this guide and then i got to dream 6 and I figured out how to get the star. You have to click on the crow in the far background, and then any time you see it, and continue as normal until youΓÇÖre going down the hallway where youΓÇÖll get a door with a star on it. You open it to find Mr. Crow and you get the achievement.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah I just added that. 🙂 If itΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s not showing for you, try clearing your cache.

  28. Leigh

    For Dream 7, I clicked on all the trees while Robert was walking so they would shake (not sure if this is necessary) and then as he was stopping to look at the woman, i clicked on HarveyΓÇÖs silhouette in the tree so he would fly away. Then as it shows the birds, I clicked on Harvey, made the bird fly away, and the woman was drawing a different picture and said it was a place she knew. Then I got the achievement after she closed the book.

  29. Paula Ariadna Villar

    Hi, for dream 5 the policeman does not appear the second time right next to the dj. I have try agaim and again but not results. Any help? :’c

      1. Paula Ariadna Villar

        Yes, im sure, the policeman hide behind other people and i continue walking but dosent appear anymore

        1. Oli

          I have the same Problem with the missing second policeman. I installed the game update a few hours ago, maybe itΓÇÿs a bug in v1.9?

    1. Nick

      Try tapping on the deer-masked man (Dale), too.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        You shouldnΓÇÖt need to. I tried both ways and ignoring him was fine. Unless they changed it in an update. IΓÇÖll check.

  30. Geophany

    Eagerly awaiting any clue as to how to solve the basement number/letter puzzle

  31. Furby

    In dream 5 the cop isnt showing up next to the DJ, tried clicking him and not clicking him the first time but it’s not working.

  32. Mr. Cat

    Dream 5 : after dragging the cop the first time, you forgot to tell that you have to drag mr. Deer too ! Btw excellent guide, thanks !!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      They must have changed that in the latest update, because I double-checked when I made the guide that it worked without the deer.

  33. ItsSarah

    Could anyone tell me the plot of THE WHITE DOOR ?? i’m confused. Is BOB dead ? Why could bob still alive though he shot himself in the Cube Escape: Theatre. The Theatre (1970) – The White Door (1972)

  34. Mico

    For some reason, I can’t get the achievement for day 3 during his dream. I’ve repeated the process a hundred times, held onto the white car with the sign that says “the white door” until the black silhouette steps out. Then proceed to the t.v portion where I slowly flip through the channels and still, the white door ad doesn’t pop up. It’s my last achievement and its becoming a pain! Does anyone have any tips or ideas on why this is happening, or what I might be doing wrong?

    1. Doodle

      Ditto! Going mad with it!

    2. MrsJennifer

      Same I cannot for the life of me get this star. I have tried hundreds of times and still no ad for The White Door.

  35. MadameFussyBritches

    Thank you so much!

    Firstly: I could not find the 1-D (Chapter 1 Dream level) star and several other of the Dream level stars, and I thought I had clicked EVERYWHERE. Tip for others about the 1-D star: If OP’s tip doesn’t seem to work once you get to the screen where she’s sitting down (after the “looks away” playable screen), remember to click the VERY TOP word, not the lower words.

    Secondly: Holy crap, I think following the tip for 4-D (clicking the coaster) may change the course of the game/story, because I didn’t do that on my first playthrough and more than half of my subsequent chapters were VERY different from OP’s! I don’t know how to do spoiler text for these, so I won’t give away the differences, but wow… Again, thanks for posting, especially since I think OP’s playthrough may be the “true” route.

    ((UPDATE: Never mind, I think there must be something else that has to change too, because 5-D for me is still “The Lost Soul” instead of “The Police Station” … Does anyone know what else effects this outcome?))

  36. Thesp

    For Dream 5 I can’t seem to grab and drag the police car. How are you supposed to do that?

    1. Abby98

      I have the same problem, been trying for hours !

      1. Jo

        Ik kan de politie auto ook niet slepen, iemand nog tips?

  37. Ellen

    Dream 1: I get the first curtain poster to light up, but when Robert is at the table, I tap the watch to make the time pass, and then when I tap the poster it does not light up. what am I supposed to do with the watch so I can tap the poster and have it light up?

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