The White Door: Day 4 Walkthrough Guide

The White Door
By: Rusty Lake / Second Maze

The White Door is the latest point-and-click adventure game from Rusty Lake. It ties into the whole Cube Escape and Rusty Lake universe. It’s generally easier than their previous games, but if you get stuck, this walkthrough guide should help you. This section is for Day 4. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Day 4:

You can watch my video for Day 4 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Pull down your blanket again and get out of bed. Eat breakfast. Flush the toilet and brush your teeth. Use the towel to clean off the blood from your face.

2. Examine the plant to see a T on it. Must be a clue for something.

3. Open the top dresser drawer and read through your file.

4. Open the box from work to see another symbol on there.

5. Open the window to see it’s raining. Also, notice your chart now says you’re rebellious.

6. Checkup: Press the red button and call the nurse for your checkup. The first question is, “What is your client number?” The answer is on your file — H1931RL.

7. The next question is, “What day did Laura die?” The answer is on the newspaper clipping in your file — 12. The last question is just whether you want to stay here or not. I don’t know if it matters, but I chose NO.

8. Memory Training: Head to the computer. For this test, you need to cycle through the different shapes until you find the one that goes in that spot. They go like this — donut, box, plant, picture frame, bird.

9. Dinner: Eat your dinner, which is just a Bloody Mary and a pill.

10. Recreation: Open the recreational box. There’s some blueprints of the room and instructions inside.

11. Follow the instructions. Start by flushing the toilet four times to open the water closet. Remove the tank cover and then pull the little handle inside until the toilet overflows. The alarm will go on and the room will start flashing red.

12. When the doctor comes in, talk to him and he’ll leave. Then do the second step. Go to the big red button and rotate the screws as shown in the instructions. Open it up and then turn all the dials so they point up. The room will start flashing red again.

(Achievement Alert! Don’t talk to the doctor yet. While the light is flashing red, look at the blueprints again. There are four objects around the room labeled numbers 1 – 4. Find those items and there will be a red letter on each, spelling out FATE. Use the instructions to reboot the computer and then use FATE as the password to log in as Mr. O. Then read the two files on there to get the star/achievement.)

13. Talk to the doctor. Either follow the above directions for the achievement, or continue with the regular blueprint instructions. Go to the computer and press the buttons in the right order to reboot the the PC.

14. Look at the ID card the the doctor left behind. His name is J. GRANT and his access code is LOCK.

15. Go back to the PC and choose J. GRANT as your credentials. Then enter LOCK as the password. Read through the three files. They say:



Dear dr Grant,

We would like to welcome you to our team.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely

The Manager”

patient hill:


Dear dr Grant,

Mr Hill is our most important patient, Please make sure he sticks to the program at any time.
His memories are extremely valuable to our organization.

Yours sincerely

The Manager”

password change:


Hi Jim,

Love the new haircut!

Could you change my password to ‘HOPE’?

dr Adams”

16. Go back and log in as C. Adams using the password HOPE. Read the message titled “sorry.” It says:


Hi Catherine,

I lost my access code. I think I wrote it on Hill’s dossier. could you have a look?


17. The file/dossier in the drawer says LAKE on it and it’s underlined. That’s his access code! And there’s only one person whose name starts with an H. So H. Lee must be Harry! Log in as him using LAKE as the password. Read all three entries. They say:

operation hill:


Dear dr Lee,

I hope everything is in place for tonights operation.
Connect mr Hill’s mind and make sure he does not wake up. You know the drill

The Manager”



Dear mr Lee,

I am aware of the incident that occurred last night. Fortunately, the memories didn’t become corrupted. A patient waking up during his dream can ruin the whole operation. Please be cautious, make sure the operation goes flawless next time.

The Manager”

And cabinet access is four symbols.

18. Now head to the mysterious cabinet and use those four symbols to unlock it.

19. Open the doors. Then solve the pipes puzzle and the cables puzzle.

20. Turn on the TV and keep changing the channel until the alarm goes off.

21. Talk to J. Grant and count to 3. Then tap on yourself to collapse.

22. Now you start Dream 4, “The Lady of the Lake.” Drag the screen until you see yourself sitting at the bar. Tap on yourself. Then lift your hand up to order another drink.

23. The barman asks if you have any money left. Pull out your wallet.

24. He asks for exact change, $7.

(Achievement Alert! Before giving him the money, tap on the coaster in the corner. Then each time you see the coaster again, tap on it. Eventually a man will appear next to you at the bar. Tap on him and give him some matches to get the star/achievement.)

Give him the 5 bill and the 2 coin.

25. Take the Bloody Mary from him. Pull the drink up to take a sip.

26. Take out the photo and unfold it.

27. Pull your drink back down. Then give him $18 in the form of the 10 bill, 5 bill, the 2 coin and 1 coin

28. Take the gun from him and then slide the curtains open.

29. Pull the microphone up so she sings as loud as she can. Then tap the music notes in matching pairs.

30. Then pull the trigger to complete the dream.

And that’s the end of Day 4! Click here to continue to Day 5 or choose another day below.

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  1. Sharon Young

    LAKE goes with H. Lee (Harvey?)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      But where do you see that? I canΓÇÖt find any clue.

      1. Rose

        It’s written on the file that you can find in one of the drawser. As the message says “I lost my access code. I think I wrote it on HillΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s dossier.”

  2. Ellen

    I am on day 4 and he never gets finished with self-care, though he brushed his teeth, flushed the toilet and washed his face. the face washing is never ending. 😔

    1. Ellen

      i restarted the day and he finished washing his face and time moved on.

  3. Mark

    For the achievement my game does not spell FATE

    The frame has F
    The calendar has A
    The chart has the letter t underlined
    The tree has T

    So FAtT


      1. Mark


  4. Will

    The doctor never drops his card for me. Any one else had this?

    1. Charli

      I’ve had this. Were you able to continue the game? I can’t continue. None of the access codes work.

    2. Liberté

      I have the same problem I’m totally confused

    3. Madeline

      You need to set off the alarm again by messing with the check up button.

  5. Max gamer

    Did any one completed day 4 can you explain me what to do at memory test I didn’t understand what to do I am totally confused

  6. Gale

    How can I reset a Day?

  7. Laura

    For me, I hadn’t realised I had to flood the toilet by tapping the red handle a few times. Only when i had done both this and opened the buzzer device would the Dr drop his card.

  8. Urmom

    He doesn’t leave any thing what do I do?

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